Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soy, Corn and Craziness

Soy seems to have been okay, though I will admit to not eating as much of it as maybe I should have.  I had one serving a day plus tamari on anything I could think of...

Today is the first day of corn and already I feel bloated and a little gross.  I did have corn three times today so maybe that was overkill for any day... But I couldn't resist.  Corn is such a big substitute for all things gluten and snack like.

Anyway, I'll give it a couple more days to judge.  Yesterday my lovely mother in law got married and I spent the whole day running around with her and eating nothing but fruit and cheese(when we ate at all.)  It was a wonderful day and everyone had a splendid time.  I wore the Hawthorn dress I made from Colette Patterns.  I even got pictures for you!  I'll share later this week.  Can you believe how many things I've made the last few months?  I don't think I've been this productive since Emerson was born.

Speaking of the little (big) guy, tomorrow he starts an early entry program for his kindergarten.  They invite the kids to come do half days for a couple weeks to get the hang of things before all the bigger kids are running around.  Such a great school he is going to.  I am more amazed at them with each interaction.   Can you believe this little guy is going to kindergarten??

ps- I like pictures of feet. :)

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