Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hi Ho!

So far dairy has been great.  It has felt wonderful to reintroduce something I really like and felt strongly wasn't the problem first.  I'll be back to avoiding it the next four days and watching for any signs of a negative reaction.

Next week we go to the beach for a very long awaited (I don't know the last beach trip we made...) family vacation.  It should be interesting trying to eat out that many days in a row with this many restrictions.  I'll be packing a small health food store's worth of food. But at least I am fairly sure dairy will be back in the mix and so at least there is that.

You should see the list I've started making...  I already today the other members of the family I don't mind bringing a smoothie for meals out if it looks like that will be the only option for me.  (Or the best one...)  Of course, we'll have to go places that have gluten free options anyway because of Emerson and we are vegetarians but for goodness sakes, lets not make it more complicated for everyone.  It is funny to me that though I really like to be simple and not stress about the details of things I am now an exceptionally complicated person to eat with.  The irony is not lost on me.  "Learn to be intentional in all aspects of life" might just be my next fortune cookie paper (you know when I could eat at a place that serves those again in a month or two :-)

It is good thing I have cut down my wardrobe and only plan on bringing the minimal clothing I think I can get by with.  I'm going to need every square inch left over for the food and blender!

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