Friday, December 27, 2013

Sissie at 11! Months~

:Have four teeth coming in on the top, all out of order and you look a little snaggle toothed.  Cutie!
:Are quite determined to be standing as much as you can.  I see you lift your hands and balance for a moment or two at a time.  Ack!!
:Are exploring all the drawers and cabinets in the house. I am trying not to go crazy with child protection devices.  We'll see how long that lasts.
:Clap for food, music, laughs, your brother, and anything else you find find fun.
:Wave hello and bye-bye.  It is so cute I can hardly stand it.
:Still have that lovely curvy profile that I adore.  When you sit the curve of your head into your neck and down to your bum is so irresistible.  I always want to kiss you.
:Loved your first Christmas.  Opening presents was fun and eggnog french toast was a total hit!
:Love to hold Nickie Blah doll and pat him on the head.
:Always pull one sock off.
:Really love to look at the big picture book and flip through to find the kitten and the boy in the coat.
:Crawl fast and furious towards the dog bowls anytime we forget and leave them down.
:Hang out by the dishwasher door whenever we are loading or unloading it.
:Do a kind of fake cry or upset where you crunch up your face and say, "Ehh, ehhh, ehhh!"  It is really, really funny.
:Hold up one finger a lot.  To point sometimes, but also just to communicate.
:Started signing!!  You say "more" and I think have made your own sign for "good."
:Chat us up.  "A dee!" "Mon mon ma!" "A dada."
:Love playing "Where"s the baby?"

{I can hardly belive that we are so close to a year.  I know everyone says that but it really has been a blur of sweetness.  You are so precious to us all. Xxoo- Mama}

(And just for kicks, remember this?)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anjali's Stocking

After all the things I've made over the years, all the time sewing and crocheting and pattern making and altering you'd think a Christmas stocking would be a walk in the park.  Not so this one.  It took three attempts, one broken needle (!) and a trip to my favorite local fabric store, Kitsch, to make this incredibly simple stocking.

If I remember correctly, when I made E's it wasn't so easy either.  In fact, his came out backwards.  What is it that is so hard about this simple project for me?  I've no idea. But it is a good metaphor for all the simple things I make hard for myself each and every day.  I know that sometimes I am just making it harder for me (because really, if you are making it hard for those around you who suffers? You got it.)  I've been trying really, really, REALLY hard to stop it.  Just stop completely and back off.  With any luck, by the time I'm 85 I'll have the hang of it.  I already know I am better at it than when I started.  Any progress is good.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mable & Sable

Well hello!  Look at these little lady bunnies!!
Mable and Sable are twin sisters.  They like many of the same things but each have their own sense of style and character.  Mable likes pretending to be a mouse (Mrs. Frisby to be exact), playing with dirty children (you can tell by her already dirty dress), and having her ears nibbled by teething tots.  Sable is a little more reserved with my children, she is ready for an adventure and has just gone off to make her way in the world.

I felt one day that I had to make a little bunny doll for Anjali and when I said it Emerson suggested making a second one for our newest little friend in Baltimore.  I thought it was the perfect idea.  I'd like to make about a dozen more for the many little friends we know.  I can tell they are good toys because everyone in the house wants to play with them.

Of course, once they were here I knew they needed dresses.  Crocheted sweater dresses to keep the cold out and warm the fingers and absorb the drool.  To get dirty and felted just by being played with.  It makes a crafty mama heart go pitter-patter.

Bunnies are funny things.  Sweet, eternally cute and right up there with mice for the best make believe friends for littles.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Best Day Ever

Part One:
Walk a giant, sweet, furry llama.

Part Two:

Be in the band with Papa and have groupies.

And now? Good night all.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mrs Frisby

In our house chapter books have just been started.  This is so exciting we all are jumping for joy.  Sure, Anjali is looking at the same books we've been seeing the last four years (which is oh so sweet), but E is on to something completely new.  
We started with with Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  He is obsessed.  None of us go by our right name anymore.  I alternate between Mrs Frisby and Isabella, John is Justin or Nicodemus, Anjali is Cynthia, and E is any of the characters depending on his mood.  He tells people when they ask his name, "Nicodemus" or "Mrs Frisby" or "Mr Ages" without a blink.  All our little stuffed friends get in on it too.  We've read through it twice.  When we got to the end the first time he wanted to start over right away.  I love reading this way too, a really good book just sometimes needs a second, closer reading.  John hates this and I don't think he'd ever watch the same movie or read the same book twice if it was possible.
At the library we got Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.  Now I need your suggestions.  What else did you read when you were so little?  The Narnia stories are too much for him yet.  It is hard to find books without too much violence.  With a little plot, and little adventure but without a lot of bad guys or strife.
{For the record we watched the The Secret of NIMH also but it isn't much like the book, so if that is all you remember of the story I suggest reading the book again.  It has quite a social commentary part.  A bit like Civil Disobedience for kids.)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sissie at 10 Months~


:Just saw your first snow and were completely fascinated.
:Have started standing.  And even letting go while doing it.  Your head is bruised and your mama is nervous, but you are strong.
:Pushed a laundry basket around the room walking after it.  Holy goodness.
:Love food and are ready to eat, eat, eat.  You pull my arm and grab things away from me.
:Are crawling everywhere.  You look so cute, like a doll when you are crawling.  It kills me.
:Love playing in the vertical blinds.  You are surprisingly gentle with them.
:Climb on me and give me zerberts.
:Crawl to outlets to pull out the "childproof" protectors and chew on them.
:Think the dog bowl is your personal splash park.
:Rub your feet together vigorously when you are excited.
:Like dancing to music.
:Smack your lips when you know you are about to nurse.
:Have two teeth on the bottom and I can feel and see four on the top about to break through.
:Love playing in your brother's room.
:Also in the bathroom. Ew.
:Are having a great time in the bath recently.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chilly day thoughts

I am approaching my 33rd birthday in a few days.  I am so lucky to get to celebrate with family and friends in a beautiful gathering.  Thanksgiving really is my favorite.  I think it would have even if I hadn't been born after dinner.
The other day Emerson and I had about the best day that could be imagined.  We went to the big library and then off to the tea house (which he decided to call the tea garden, "Because it is so peaceful and quiet here, Mama.") Emerson and I are both off gluten now and so we are sharing the fun of being two who are special.  I don't know if I am permanently off (and I'll admit to a little cheating after the first two weeks) but my health improved dramatically with a detox from all the vice foods.  No sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no coffee, no alcohol.  I'm not going to say for a minute that was easy, but the return was so good I'll be sure to add it into my regular calender.  Two weeks off everything was just right to restore a little balance.  Still no coffee either.  We've been having quite to tea parties here.
The baby (if I can still call her that) has gotten quite mobile and is pulling up on everything.  She is even lifting a hand instead using both to hold on, much to her mama's dismay.  You can see she wants to also move her feet, to start cruising around the furniture but hasn't gotten the courage yet.  I see trouble in our very near future.  The thought of both children having the ability to run in opposite directions has me almost ready for smelling salts.
Adding to all that, last night I went to an urgent care facility to confirm my suspected step throat.  And, of course, it is.  I am hoping the antibiotics do their job swiftly so that our trip to Atlanta isn't too painful for anyone else and I am desperately hoping everyone else fends it off.  Lucky for me at least that it can be treated and I don't have to wait it out.  I'm not much good at that.  The doctor asked if he could write me a note for work but when I told him my job he replied, "Aw, the perpetually overworked mother.  I'm fairly certain you don't get sick days even with a note."  Even so, there are worse jobs to be sure.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Pixie hat season.  And she is pulling up on everything.  And I can feel four teeth coming in on the top.  Oh my, the season is changing for her.

The Arboretum

We try to get outside while the weather is still nice.  I know it is good to get out regardless of the weather but my bones hold the chill so well that I don't follow that example.  I am glad he now has school to fulfill that for him during most of the week and Papa to help him on the weekend.

Anyway, yesterday was perfect.  Fall like but not cold and enough  sunshine to balance out the chill.  It was just the three of us until he found some other kids his age and latched on to them.  Instantly he was their leader, directing, encouraging, showing them the way.

The North Carolina Arboretum is close by and a favorite destination.  Add awesome lego creations and you have a super fantastic scavenger hunt to the trails like finding pixelated treasure.  The size of these things is crazy impressive alone, much less the fact that they actually look like what they are supposed to be.  If you are close by you should come see!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


This about killed me yesterday.  I had a dream where I told him I'd kill him if he kept doing what he was doing.  I then realized I was the violent one.  But thank heaven for the acupuncturist.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We spent the whole afternoon outside.  He dug out rocks and raked and helped and helped and helped. She worked on figuring out climbing up and down hill. They were both completely exhausted.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


She is taking them off to taste each one.  He was so hard to play with this morning, I kept trying, but both of us were getting in the way of it being fun.  He told me he dreamed the old house burned down.


My best friend's baby came in the night.  It was the most wonderful news to wake up too.  Hearing everyone was safe and preparing for rest I spent the rest of the morning crying tears of joy.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yesterday I laid on the floor all afternoon while he watched Blue Planet and she wiggled. She pulled up to standing.  Today I saw her crawl.


A visit was all we needed to brighten everyone's day.  And it was already pretty splendiferous.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


We've entered the time of perfect blue skies framed by bright colored leaves.  The days have been going pretty fast recently making me think we're all getting along well.  John and I are working together again and it feels good.

Friday, November 1, 2013


It was his first time trick or treating and I didn't bring the camera.  Dang, he was cute.  The little wolf stayed with her Papa most of the night.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We both heard her say, "Mama!" today.  I worked on finishing her costume all day.  We settled some other things and took everything out of the old house tonight. (Except he just told me he left some train parts.)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Having the chance to use my grandmother's china and tea pot is so much fun.  I think she'd appreciate the addition of the pink zigzags.  It stays dark here in the morning really late and feels just like midnight until nearly 8am.  Then, suddenly, it is day time.

Monday, October 28, 2013


A walk around our new digs.  Life is full of magic.  From here to there, From there to here, Funny things are everywhere.


Every time scenes like this happen I melt.  Oh, how wonderful you two are to each other.  On this day we cleaned and cleaned and packed up the last bits at the old place.  Thank god for Stuart.  And Boba.  And Ianucci's.

Sissie at 9 Months~


:Are just very nearly crawling.  I've been saying this for months, but if I say it next month again I will eat my hat.  Thank you for waiting until after the move.
:Have been fussy at night.  I think your tummy is bothering you. Oh yeah, and...
:Have the bottom tooth cut through now.  Oiy, the teething seems awful.
:Are so amazingly cute as you say "deedle, leedle, deedle" and "gable, able, able."
:Make motor boat sounds as you scoot around the room.  This is hilarious.
:Love mama to be close by.  Always and forever.
:Don't love baby food.
:Do love big people food.
:Still have multi-colored eyes, but they are leaning towards brown. They remind me of agate.
:Snuggle the pillow when you are sat down on the bed.  This proves you are my child. :)
:Are trying to pull up on things.  This is leading to me thinking of buying a bike helmet for you.
:Are a real screamer.  Wow, can you be loud.
:Love to delicately explore things with just your index finger.  Touching things so gently to see how they feel and move.
:Have a cold.
: At the doctor you weighed 19lbs 5 ounces and were 26.5 inches long.

{Nine months is such a magical number when I think of you as being out as long as you were in.  We've known about your existence for about a year and half.  We've been loving you that long.  You suddenly seem more independent in some ways but you definitely have concerns about us being too far away.  Last night you were up in the middle of the night and you ended up snuggled face to face with me.  Forehead to forehead.  Oh, how we all adore you.}

Compare this to this!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Tomorrow he will be exactly 4.5 years.  Today he flipped his own pancakes and dressed up like a ninja for breakfast.  And then there was pumpkin carving.  Each day we move a little farther along the way.


The 24th got lost in there somewhere.  The baby has entered the magical age where she says, "Deedle, leedle, deedle," over and over.  Just like her brother.  John and I are so fawning over it and Emerson now knows why his pet polar bear is called Deedle and he is so proud.  Look at his wonderful writing!  I love to see this happening.

She is 9 months in a couple days so I'll keep the big things to myself a little longer, but she is working and growing like crazy.  These swings are in our back yard.  You can't see, but his face was as joyful as hers.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I couldn't choose today.  A sweet smile for a fuzzy blanket we all snuggled.  A brief moment of happiness with shadow puppet leaves.  Some days are really hard.  The baby is trying to downward dog all over the place.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


She bonked her head three times today.  We are entering that stage where they need a full time helmet.  I had tea and started a new project while he ate apple sauce with yogurt and powder.  We are heading towards three years of that being his favorite snack.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Yes, I leave her in the closet to play.  I loved seeing her in something I remember so vividly from Emerson being small.  John and E put on a show in the evening and it was so, so needed.  We cooked the tiny carrots.


One last harvest at the old place.  We were all exhausted on the ride to the new place.


Somehow we made it all the way through the day.  The extra help we had was amazing and being able to send E to a friends house for most of the day really made the whole thing possible.  Everyone was hungry at the end.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I think these jeans are in it for the long haul.  Two more days of moving. Tomorrow we get the truck.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I find myself intensely wanting some document of this time as we transition to a new place.  I am going to try for another photo project for the next 30 days.  Here we go.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emerson made

 A few weeks ago we got out white t-shirts and just started drawing.  I think we both had a really good time and no one was harmed in the process.  It took time.  And then there were two fun new shirts he is excited to wear whenever he sees them.  I hear about kids who have distinct preferences on their clothing, those who will only wear one shirt or dress.  I am happy that Emerson's only display of that kind of behavior is a preference for hand made (or embellished.)  I know it won't be forever that he really likes the things I have made him, but I hope through the work we do together he will at least always be interested in making things for himself after he outgrows the love of mama-made.  Isn't his monster brilliant?

The packing and getting rid of and organizing continues over here.  I am so thankful for school so that I may have a chance to do some alone and some with help.  Both kinds of packing and sorting are needed. 

The baby wiggled herself off the bed yesterday and fell pretty hard.  I felt so sorry for her.  I guess we are officially at the place of having a mobile baby, even if that doesn't mean crawling.  She is a little hysterical right now with the noises and bouncing and giggling to herself.  The other day E was talking on and on while she played her lips and stared at him and John and I just could stop laughing at them both.  What a pair they make!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sissie at 8 Months~


:Are amazing!  How have you gotten to be 8 months old???
:Still are trying so hard to crawl.
:Are trying to pull up on my legs when you get the chance but haven't gotten the idea of putting your feet flat.  For now you are still using the sides with your soles together.
:Seem more interested in napping since you've had more of a chance with Emerson being at school.
:Are not as interested in being confined.  The excersaucer works less and less to distract you.
:Have the most pitiful cry on the planet.  I've been told this by other people, so it isn't all mama-talk.  You put your head down on your hands, push your lip out and generally look and sound as if someone has told you that all holidays are canceled. Forever.
:You like to ride around in the ring sling.
:Are loving exploring toys and playing independently on the floor.
:Still think Emerson is hilarious.
:Are eating lot's of things.
:Have such an expressive face.  You flirt with strangers, laugh at all of us and give Emerson the what-kind-of-crazy-are-you-face a whole lot.
:Like to grab faces and pull them towards yours.
:Laugh madly when we give you kisses and raspberries.

{You weigh 18 lbs 10 ounces and are 26 inches long. I spend a lot of time looking at you and admiring your undeniable cuteness.}

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweater Talk

You can tell that this has been an unusual year because the sweaters are coming in late.  I can't believe how long ago this one was completed.  Of course, that baby never came.  Instead this sweater graces our sweet Anjali Eirwen.  It does seem as if perfect for her.  I loved finishing it with miss matched buttons.  The mornings are already so very cool and delicious and one days like today, when the rain falls and the clouds make everything dark and grey, you want to sit all day with a cup of tea.  I am in need of some new teas without caffeine for the season.  Any recommendations? 

Her brother couldn't help but get into the photo shoot. :)  I have a long sleeved sweater in red and grey ready for her whenever I find the right buttons.  His is still a work in progress.  He gets bigger each year and the sweater takes so much longer now!  I used to do them almost all in a day.  I let him pick the colors this year for the first time.  Wait till you see it!