Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anjali's Stocking

After all the things I've made over the years, all the time sewing and crocheting and pattern making and altering you'd think a Christmas stocking would be a walk in the park.  Not so this one.  It took three attempts, one broken needle (!) and a trip to my favorite local fabric store, Kitsch, to make this incredibly simple stocking.

If I remember correctly, when I made E's it wasn't so easy either.  In fact, his came out backwards.  What is it that is so hard about this simple project for me?  I've no idea. But it is a good metaphor for all the simple things I make hard for myself each and every day.  I know that sometimes I am just making it harder for me (because really, if you are making it hard for those around you who suffers? You got it.)  I've been trying really, really, REALLY hard to stop it.  Just stop completely and back off.  With any luck, by the time I'm 85 I'll have the hang of it.  I already know I am better at it than when I started.  Any progress is good.

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