Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hat, pants, dead people

It is a rather literal title... I am not feeling terribly imaginative. Now that I think about it, I am not really very creative about the whole title thing normally. I often want to leave it blank... All this is completely beside the point.
So, hat:
Hat out takes

This it the hat that I crocheted most of when we went to Mass. I felted it over a couple weekends and have just been waiting for it to be cold enough to wear a wool hat without being ridiculous. Which I am anyway if you click on the picture and go look at the other out takes from last nights photo shoot...

Now, pants:
stretchy pregnant pants

These are my first pregnant pants which I had to buy this weekend after being so uncomfortable in my other pants that I had to leave work and go change. They are super comfy but were way to long. I didn't have time or interest in going to any place else so I got them and came home and hemmed them. Even though they are stretchy. And it came out just fine. I was nervous, but nothing bad happened. No weirdness of any kind in fact... So maybe stretchy sewing isn't so bad after all... or maybe these pants are just trying to lure me into heartbreak...

And last, dead people:
Day of the Dead Altar

This Friday is our Day of the Dead dinner and celebration at work. If you look closely you can see my grandmother sitting on our altar right next to that heart made of sugar.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green things, inside and out...

A few weeks ago my parents were in town and we went to Loch Raven Reservoir and wandered about. It is really pretty there but I always forget about it so we don't go often.

Loch Raven Resevoir 3

Loch Raven Resevoir 2

Loch Raven Resevoir 1

It is almost creepy how reflective the water is. Click on the pictures to see them bigger and you might get creeped out too.

Then this week, in the middle of hectic-land work my boss and I went to the Baltimore Conservatory which I had never been to in all the years I have been in Baltimore. Next time any of you are in town we will go. I think it just a donation or whatever to get in and then it isn't very big, but it is oh so cool.




While we were there we also got to eat strawberry guavas and take home a ripe papaya. Can you believe? Talk about eating local!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just got in from work and there is no one else here. But there seems to be a crib in the hallway... where it came from, I have no idea...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thank you all for the well wishes, we are so thrilled to finally be sharing all of this with you!
You know, it is chilly here! I am so unprepared to be cold all the time... I know it is almost the end of October and I should be grateful for a long summer and everything but, meh.
I am also blaming the cold on my baking failure last night. I just can't seem to get bread to rise... Well, this time was, arguably, the best try yet. It rose the first time... Luckily the pesto I made last night is pretty banging so at least I didn't dirty every dish in the whole house with no good result... And the loaf may be salvageable with enough butter and honey. At any rate, it confirms again for me the need to stay out of the kitchen, especially with bread baking. I am just too disappointed with the failures. And I used up almost all the flour we had in the house. Maybe I should get a bread maker.... Then you can't mess it up, right?
I do so miss having fresh bread in the house.
In other, better news, we went to the thrift store this weekend and made some great finds. I got a perfect jacket for me. All the right colors. I keep waiting for a sunny moment to snap a picture. And we bought some baby clothes. I am on the lookout for a rocking chair or glider to have in the house. Pat sent us some cute stuff as well. Wow do I LOVE the mail. Thanks Pat!
On that trip we went right by the big Babies R Us store. Part of me was feeling like we do need to go there if only to see a bunch of stuff at once and compare things like car seats and whatnot. But neither of us could bring ourselves to go in. I think I have a phobia of the giant baby store... Target is the only big box store that doesn't make me feel like running away... All the rest just seem so yucky and I hate all those people. (Not the people themselves, per say, just that there are so many of them...)
Anyway, we do plan to do as much shopping for all this in thrift and consignment stores so that should alleviate much of my nervousness.
Okay folks, I am just rambling now. I should go shower and get ready for work instead.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eleven weeks

green and yellow tree

This tree is on my walk to work and is now totally yellow. Only four days later... It proves that time is moving on. I find that I have been so self-centered in the last month or so that I haven't really noticed anything outside my head or home. I don't mean self-centered in the bad way that most people use it. I have been focused inward by the pregnancy and the sickness and my foot's infection. Just taking care of myself the best I can.
Luckily, I have had quite a lot of help. Senor should be renamed Saint Senor. Between dinner and breakfast and letting me just lay down all the time. Wow, not to mention all the normal things he does... Really, if it hadn't been for the tea and oatmeal every morning I think I would have never gotten up except to be sick...
Today I decided my stomach really is bigger. It is all so strange. I am feeling better. You know, eating again. I feel like I might be regaining the use of my brain as well. Feeling terrible is a fully occupying job. I am surprised I got anything done at all looking back on it...
So let us raise a glass to the second trimester. The first one is nearly gone and the fun (or so I hear) is about to begin.

apricot mums

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This summer I was working so much that I never really worked on any of the sewing I like to do. I have a quilt languishing and a project for a friend that have just been waiting for me. The other week before the foot thing became all consuming I finally cut out the bits for Nicole's project and started to put them together. Last weekend I also finally felted the hat I crocheted weeks ago. And then on another night when I could not sleep I finished tying my quilt because I could not stand to make one more stitch in it. So now I am down to the trimming and binding step... akk!
Of course, in order to avoid this I have started something new. I don't have to call it avoiding either. It is crochet, so really, I can say, "this is my mobile project." Because everyone needs something to do when you are waiting or riding or sitting. So I have started this blanket by the lovely Alicia Paulson.

baby blanket 1

You may notice that it is a baby blanket. Our next WIP will be here sometime in early May.

P.S. the foot is almost normal again. yay! thanks to everyone who thought good thoughts for me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let them eat feet and cake!

Well, the foot is still not good. I can't tell if things are getting better or worse. It has spread and I have spent some time in the doctors office on iv's of antibiotics. I am back to oral medication now... We'll have to just wait and see. This has been really frustrating for me so keep your fingers crossed, good thoughts flowing or prayers up. I really appreciate it.
On a different, funnier note I was working a wedding last night and everything was going perfectly; we were on time, we had everything we were supposed to have, the staff was all there despite a few hiccups. But then I looked around and thought to myself, "Wow, that table over there looks really empty... what goes there? Oh right! The CAKE! Where is the cake??" The cake should have been delivered by then but it was nowhere in sight. I knew there was another wedding going on in the same venue so I went over to find out if they had the cake.
When I went to the kitchen no one had seen the cake. I went back down stairs and called the cake maker to see if they were just running behind. They said the cake had been delivered to the place I had just asked for it... At the same moment an employee came running out yelling, "I have your cake! I have your cake!"
The cake wasn't in the kitchen because it was already set up on display and about to be covered flowers.
The funny thing about this story is that in that same venue the caterer I work for has had the cake not only taken by another wedding party, but eaten as well!
Yay for last night being the second time...