Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bits of Spring

Okay- I took some pictures- yay! And I couldn't sleep so I eventually went downstairs and made not one but two changing mats for the baby- before breakfast. Anyone who actually knows me should understand just how bizarre that is. I generally (thanks to the magnificent Senor) don't get out of bed until after breakfast on the weekends. Seriously- unless it is to go somewhere for breakfast.

I decided to make two of these because it would be easier it I had one ready even if I needed to wash the one I was using. I used the tutorial from sewtakeahike check out her other tute's listed in the sidebar. I am sure you'll find something you have to make.

baby changing pad

You may remember the fabric on the outside from our chair upcycle last spring. (Can you believe it has been that long??!)

baby changing pad

And the flannel is from that never ending sheet I bought for $3 at the thrift store forever ago. And the binding is from Cindy's grandmother's stash. Yay.

I used snaps instead of velcro because it was what I had and the only sweary part in the whole thing was when I hammered my finger putting the first one on.

Anyway- other things that happened today:

Senor made the front flower bed look wonderful while I went out in search of mulch.

spring 09 front flower bed

It was such a mess before, I can't even tell you...

And here it is- your moment of zen... no really, just the belly at 34 weeks. I am getting lots and lots of congratulations from every stranger to cross my path now. I guess you can tell, eh?

belly at 34 weeks

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ten days that I have been imagining things to write. Imagination only seems to work if you then do something with it... I have been having so much trouble with the doing something part through out this pregnancy. All I want to do is lay down and space out when I have a moment...
Spring is here and I am soooo happy to see that the tree outside is blooming and the bulbs out front are coming up. Soon we will have lots of plants to put in the ground and I am soooo excited about that as well. I think we are heading out on some garden related errands this morning.
My belly keeps getting bigger and I am not really sure how much bigger it can get. It has officially swallowed my waist and while I can still reach my feet, I'd rather have someone else help if there is any sock or shoe manipulation to be done. I think stretch marks are about burst out everywhere... sadness...
We took dinner to one of the other couples from our birth class last night and heard all about the birth and hospital stay (they used the same people and hospital as we are) and I can't say it made me look forward to that part more. All of you local people, be ready- I am sure that I will be calling you for food. It is good to know ahead of time though.
Alright, it is after 10am. I have to get out of bed...

ps- I promise to try to find some pictures to put up. I know there are plenty of lovely things around to see.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been very bad about this whole blog thing. I have even taken pictures for it and still not gotten them up...

Mostly what I had to say was:
We had a wonderful anniversary despite the hecticness of my work. One of the girls at work made us a wonderful cake which we are still working on... Twelve layer mocha yumminess!
Senor cleaned the bathtub so I could soak away the pain of Friday night on Saturday morning. It was really amazing because I could hardly walk before that bath. And then we went and got massages... which was really, really wonderful. So much so that I booked the next massage that day.
And then, I had the itch to find some baby things so we went to the thrift store and found a ton of cute stuff for almost no money. I love baby shopping at the thrift store. It is so satisfying!
And can I let you all know how much I love my husband? Five years married and it feels like always in the best possible way. There is no one I would rather hang around with and do nothing. No one I'd rather work my ass off with. No one I'd rather bounce crazy ideas off of. He creates amazing things, he gives more than anyone I know, he almost always says yes. I can't wait to see him being papa to our little one. I am thrilled to know I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

wedding pic

ps- 50 days according to the ticker!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The baby's bum

First off- did you know it was already Thursday? I really thought I would be able to make this post early in the week.

Instead of writing a bunch, how 'bout a list of things on my mind:

1) I did in fact manage to complete the things on my list for last weekend. Most important being making some baby bum wipes. Cloth wipes? you say, and I say, Yes! because if I am using cloth diapers I should at least try using cloth wipes too. I do have to say this is the most boring sewing project. I almost could nap while sewing it was so simple... The coolest part was getting to use an old flannel sheet that I picked up at a thrift store a while ago. Keep your eyes peeled for this fabric as it figures into this weekends project as well.

baby bits 010

2) I ordered diaper covers from a wonderful woman named Kara on esty and they arrived this week. Can I tell you how much I love them?? The cuteness is killing me. Please visit her shop, tell her I sent you if you buy things and admire her work. She was fast, made me a custom listing with my custom baby bum covers and was a delight to work with. What could make a transaction better?

baby bits 013

3) Speaking of esty, my internet friend just opened a shop. With some seriously cute baby shoes!

4) Speaking of shoes, I went to Ma Petit Shoes today. I love shoes. I don't even look at the chocolate in this place. If I had a lot of money I would have a lot more shoes. In the mean time I guess I will just lust after them...

5) Yesterday we went to the hospital for a tour. It smelled funny. If I had a lot of money I would give birth at home. Which is weird, because it should cost less to have your baby at home.

6) Somehow, I seem to have survived (most of) this week. Keep your fingers crossed for next week too.

7) This picture reminds me of cupcakes. Cupcakes are currently my favorite food group.

baby bits 004

8) Despite the snow we are ordering planties this weekend for the garden party. Yay!

I hope to see or hear from you all soon! Happy weekending, maybe I will do better next week.