Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sissie at 2 months

 2 months

:Are just beginning to try to talk.  With the sweet goo and ahhh sounds you melt us to pieces.
:Still have furry ears.
:Weigh about 11 and a quarter pounds and are 22 inches.
:Like to face forward and look around more and more.
:Are the fuss just about every evening for a couple hours.  Nursing or bust.
:Sleep. A lot.  It is hard to get a picture of you awake.
:Love being near us, especially mama.  Looking at Emerson makes you smile and laugh.
:Need your belly rubbed every evening.
:Have the most quizzical expressions.

{Compare to this!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewing Retreat: Bonus Materials

After completing my goals (or as close as I was going to get with that bag) I realized I had a few minutes before we went to dinner.  What could better than a new skirt to wear out?  This skirt came together in about 20 minutes.  I used an old skirt and as the pattern and cut and sewed it in no time at all.  I didn't get a picture of it on (of course!) but it looks and fits great (don't you just love knits?!)  I think I'll be making a few more.  This fabric cost $8 a yard and since the making was so quick I feel like another 3 or 4 would be perfect to freshen up the wardrobe with little effort or expenditure.


Then after dinner I was out of fabric but Anjali was so happy I started asking for a fabric donation.  Stephanie handed me this awesome piece and I whipped out another sweet dress.  This time I folded the pleat in the opposite way.  And lime flower buttons! Oh my!


After that I was pretty much toast.  This is what I looked like on day two in the afternoon:


Unshowered but at least I had my bow!
And here is the wolf baby getting in on the action and showing us how to wear a doll's mop hat!


Here we are all sewing away:


And these are awful pictures because it was late and dark when I took them- but look what was accomplished!!




Mind blowing!!  Sew ladies, sew!

Sewing Retreat: Part 2

First up were the shorts for E.  I started them as soon as I arrived on Friday night.  I had edited all the ridiculous pockets and made simple patch pockets instead.  E can hardly get into a regular pants pocket anyway.  This way he can gather treasures without extra frustration.  I used the size 4 pattern and was so surprised when they fit him.  They look huge!!
I got this adorable print knowing he would love every creature on it.  I want to add a strip of it to a t shirt as well.  So cute!  I hadn't measured his waist so I had to wait until I was home to finish them.  He is planning to wear them to gymnastics tomorrow even though it is only supposed to be in the 50's. That makes them a success in my book.


Next came the bag.  This turned out to be a total fail.  Giant, way too stiff to work with, nightmarish.  I think I managed to get through it with out any swearing.  I have no idea where that restraint came from.  It was a very cursy project.


Look how big it is!  Ug!  Anyway- I am hoping to re-purpose most of it when I can stand to look at it again. that may be sometime soon, I love the fabric.  Or it may be next century.
Oh- there is also a super fast and simple changing mat that matches which Anjali loves.  The side she lays on is a bright pink minky.  She smiles every time I lay her on it.  At least that worked out!

So, after wasting hours and hours on this bag I moved on to the hedgehog dress.  This was a super fabulous and fast project.  The perfect thing to redeem the day.  I decided to skip the cutting each side in two pieces only to sew it back together and just put a little box pleat in the middle.


One of the other ladies there, Nicole, showed me how to use the button hole maker on my machine.  I've tried it a few times and read the book every time.  It never worked and I gave up.  I couldn't believe it when it just worked when she showed me.  So simple.  I felt like angels were singing.  Especially after the nightmare bag.  The dress came together in a couple hours, even with cutting.  Happiness!

So that completed my goal items.  I still had hours to go and a sleeping baby...  what to do?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sewing Retreat: Part 1

Okay people- I have a secret- I still make stuff!!  Even though I never share anything anymore.  I am still plugging away.  I have just moved to a house with very poor winter lighting.  The good news- daylight savings seems to have changed everything and I went on a Sewing Retreat somewhere else so I took pictures there!
A Sewing Retreat is where you get together with some like minded ladies and stay up late and get up early to sew- mostly sans children. (I brought the  wolf baby, but she was more like a mascot than a child :)  I'd never imagined I could do something like this because I always thought it was expensive and exclusive. 
Somehow, I fell into this wonderful group of ladies that meet at a church nearby every other week where child care is provided and mamas get to work on their own projects.  These ladies are generous and sweet, I never miss.  When they told me about the retreat I almost fell over.  

I had lofty ambitions.  I wanted to make shorts for the boy using the pattern I used a couple years ago:


A new baby bag that wasn't so huge:


And a dress for the littlest little:


I figured with the bag being a gazillion pieces and the baby being along, that was a good goal.  I could bring some other items along *just in case* I completed these.

I'll be back tomorrow to share the results.

PS- I got all the cool fabric at Kitsch in Asheville!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Boy and His Bear


Once upon a time a boy and his bear were walking on the mountain.  They came to a field with a stream and played in the grass.  They found a sock and ate it.  It was stinky but their bodies cleaned it so it didn't stink anymore.


Then the boy and the bear played in the stream and caught some fish.  The bear ate them but the boy set them free.  The bear could hear the fish talking in his belly and decided he would rather eat blueberries next time.


They went for a walk in the woods to find the blueberry bushes.  They walked and walked.  They found rocks and dirt and blueberries.  They ate lots of blueberries.


Then they climbed a tree and since they were at the top of the tree on the top of the mountain they could see a long, long way.  They saw clouds in the sky and birds flying and down at the bottom of the mountain they saw Christmas bears eating other bears.  So they decided to stay in the mountains.
Then the Christmas bears came up the mountain but they couldn't climb the tree so the boy and his bear were safe.


To be continued...

{This is a story by Emerson.  You can see he is obsessed with eating.  And being eaten.  Pictures from our walk in the woods the other week.}

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sissie at 5 weeks


: Still hiccup like a mad hatter.
: Are so alert and watchful.  You follow Papa around the room with your eyes.
: Get a lot of kisses from your big brother.  When he wakes up in the morning (at silly o clock) he has to come in and touch you.
: Are still sleeping so well.
: Seem to have an upper lip tie and possible posterior tongue tie.  This is making nursing an adventure (mostly for mama.)
: Have been on your first road trip to Oma and Opa's for the weekend.
: Are starting to smile and have a double dimple on your left cheek.  I can't wait to see more of it!
: Have outgrown your newborn clothes.  You weighed 9lbs, 5 oz last week!!
: Sleep through your big brothers loud, loud antics.
: Have the most expressive little eyebrows.
: Love to snuggle.

Oh my, we do love our baby Sissie!