Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sewing Retreat: Part 1

Okay people- I have a secret- I still make stuff!!  Even though I never share anything anymore.  I am still plugging away.  I have just moved to a house with very poor winter lighting.  The good news- daylight savings seems to have changed everything and I went on a Sewing Retreat somewhere else so I took pictures there!
A Sewing Retreat is where you get together with some like minded ladies and stay up late and get up early to sew- mostly sans children. (I brought the  wolf baby, but she was more like a mascot than a child :)  I'd never imagined I could do something like this because I always thought it was expensive and exclusive. 
Somehow, I fell into this wonderful group of ladies that meet at a church nearby every other week where child care is provided and mamas get to work on their own projects.  These ladies are generous and sweet, I never miss.  When they told me about the retreat I almost fell over.  

I had lofty ambitions.  I wanted to make shorts for the boy using the pattern I used a couple years ago:


A new baby bag that wasn't so huge:


And a dress for the littlest little:


I figured with the bag being a gazillion pieces and the baby being along, that was a good goal.  I could bring some other items along *just in case* I completed these.

I'll be back tomorrow to share the results.

PS- I got all the cool fabric at Kitsch in Asheville!

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