Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We both heard her say, "Mama!" today.  I worked on finishing her costume all day.  We settled some other things and took everything out of the old house tonight. (Except he just told me he left some train parts.)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Having the chance to use my grandmother's china and tea pot is so much fun.  I think she'd appreciate the addition of the pink zigzags.  It stays dark here in the morning really late and feels just like midnight until nearly 8am.  Then, suddenly, it is day time.

Monday, October 28, 2013


A walk around our new digs.  Life is full of magic.  From here to there, From there to here, Funny things are everywhere.


Every time scenes like this happen I melt.  Oh, how wonderful you two are to each other.  On this day we cleaned and cleaned and packed up the last bits at the old place.  Thank god for Stuart.  And Boba.  And Ianucci's.

Sissie at 9 Months~


:Are just very nearly crawling.  I've been saying this for months, but if I say it next month again I will eat my hat.  Thank you for waiting until after the move.
:Have been fussy at night.  I think your tummy is bothering you. Oh yeah, and...
:Have the bottom tooth cut through now.  Oiy, the teething seems awful.
:Are so amazingly cute as you say "deedle, leedle, deedle" and "gable, able, able."
:Make motor boat sounds as you scoot around the room.  This is hilarious.
:Love mama to be close by.  Always and forever.
:Don't love baby food.
:Do love big people food.
:Still have multi-colored eyes, but they are leaning towards brown. They remind me of agate.
:Snuggle the pillow when you are sat down on the bed.  This proves you are my child. :)
:Are trying to pull up on things.  This is leading to me thinking of buying a bike helmet for you.
:Are a real screamer.  Wow, can you be loud.
:Love to delicately explore things with just your index finger.  Touching things so gently to see how they feel and move.
:Have a cold.
: At the doctor you weighed 19lbs 5 ounces and were 26.5 inches long.

{Nine months is such a magical number when I think of you as being out as long as you were in.  We've known about your existence for about a year and half.  We've been loving you that long.  You suddenly seem more independent in some ways but you definitely have concerns about us being too far away.  Last night you were up in the middle of the night and you ended up snuggled face to face with me.  Forehead to forehead.  Oh, how we all adore you.}

Compare this to this!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Tomorrow he will be exactly 4.5 years.  Today he flipped his own pancakes and dressed up like a ninja for breakfast.  And then there was pumpkin carving.  Each day we move a little farther along the way.


The 24th got lost in there somewhere.  The baby has entered the magical age where she says, "Deedle, leedle, deedle," over and over.  Just like her brother.  John and I are so fawning over it and Emerson now knows why his pet polar bear is called Deedle and he is so proud.  Look at his wonderful writing!  I love to see this happening.

She is 9 months in a couple days so I'll keep the big things to myself a little longer, but she is working and growing like crazy.  These swings are in our back yard.  You can't see, but his face was as joyful as hers.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I couldn't choose today.  A sweet smile for a fuzzy blanket we all snuggled.  A brief moment of happiness with shadow puppet leaves.  Some days are really hard.  The baby is trying to downward dog all over the place.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


She bonked her head three times today.  We are entering that stage where they need a full time helmet.  I had tea and started a new project while he ate apple sauce with yogurt and powder.  We are heading towards three years of that being his favorite snack.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Yes, I leave her in the closet to play.  I loved seeing her in something I remember so vividly from Emerson being small.  John and E put on a show in the evening and it was so, so needed.  We cooked the tiny carrots.


One last harvest at the old place.  We were all exhausted on the ride to the new place.


Somehow we made it all the way through the day.  The extra help we had was amazing and being able to send E to a friends house for most of the day really made the whole thing possible.  Everyone was hungry at the end.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I think these jeans are in it for the long haul.  Two more days of moving. Tomorrow we get the truck.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I find myself intensely wanting some document of this time as we transition to a new place.  I am going to try for another photo project for the next 30 days.  Here we go.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emerson made

 A few weeks ago we got out white t-shirts and just started drawing.  I think we both had a really good time and no one was harmed in the process.  It took time.  And then there were two fun new shirts he is excited to wear whenever he sees them.  I hear about kids who have distinct preferences on their clothing, those who will only wear one shirt or dress.  I am happy that Emerson's only display of that kind of behavior is a preference for hand made (or embellished.)  I know it won't be forever that he really likes the things I have made him, but I hope through the work we do together he will at least always be interested in making things for himself after he outgrows the love of mama-made.  Isn't his monster brilliant?

The packing and getting rid of and organizing continues over here.  I am so thankful for school so that I may have a chance to do some alone and some with help.  Both kinds of packing and sorting are needed. 

The baby wiggled herself off the bed yesterday and fell pretty hard.  I felt so sorry for her.  I guess we are officially at the place of having a mobile baby, even if that doesn't mean crawling.  She is a little hysterical right now with the noises and bouncing and giggling to herself.  The other day E was talking on and on while she played her lips and stared at him and John and I just could stop laughing at them both.  What a pair they make!