Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You all should go here and see what he has been up too. I love the tail on that mermaid.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cultivating Patience

So I have been sewing all weekend. I had hoped to make a skirt or maybe two (ha!) before the weekend was out but that isn't going to happen. To be technically correct, I could finish the skirt I started, but I wouldn't wear it once it was done. It has far too much material to be flattering. What is the point of making your own clothes if they don't look good on you? Anyway, I plan to take it apart and see if I can draft it into an a-line instead... And if that doesn't work who knows what I will end up with.

Then, to lift my spirits I decided I would make meditation pillow. Which seems simple and fun right? I got started off all right but somewhere along the way I got side tracked by a “great idea” and well, that was that. Poof, just a bunch of fabric that sitting in crazy piles upstairs. Not one finished project for the weekend. Only scraps...

Which is probably just fine. As my sewing becomes more ambitious I am bound to have weekends like this. And it comes at a good time to help develop calm in the face of frustration, as I am reading a book about daily practice by the Dalai Lama.

To help balance this out I have had a very good weekend outside of the sewing room. On Friday I scored a very cool bracelet at the Spring Fair and cuff links for Seńor made from reused typewriter keys. Yesterday I went by American Apparel and found a cute green polo style dress and then went to the thrift store and found three more dresses, a skirt, and a pot to plant the tomato plant in. And today we went to a place we have been wanting to go for a long time called Chocolatea when I had to get away from the fabric that was not working with me. I had an avocado salad. I ate every bit of it. Seńor had a wrap which he ate every bit of. We drank a lovely pot of tea and ate a tiny truffle each. It was just what I needed.

On the way back to the car I brought up something that has been bothering me since I first learned about Buddhism. I said, “I think the hardest thing for me about practicing Buddhism is going to be panty-lines.” I thought Seńor was going to explode laughing.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh how I love you Friday. Oh how I miss you when you're gone! Since Wednesday I have been waking up thinking you were here but you always escaped after I washed the sand out of my eyes and sipped my first bit of coffee. And then I would be so sad, because you were keeping your distance and I was trying so hard not to take it personally. But why were you running from me? Why were you teasing me?? I know it has to do with you and not me. You just weren't ready yet. But it still hurt my feelings.
I am so glad we can be together now. I think I may go home early so it can be just you and me for a little while. We can cuddle and sew together, make skirts and bags, maybe even walk the dog.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Houses 2

Do you remember the houses... I have been trying to decide exactly what to do with them and then how to do what I wanted. I think I ruined the other strip of them in my first failed attempt where geometry and I were not communicating.
But Senor has deemed this one is "Blog worthy." What do you think?

house pillow 001

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Shoes have just been ordered. I am so excited. I love shoes and haven't been able to purchase a new pair in a while. I have been spending lots of time preoccupied by the fact that I have no go to, wear anywhere, walk all over creation summer shoes for the busy season ahead. But in 4 to 5 business days I will. And then all will be right with the world...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Did you know?

You can MAKE oil cloth. I didn't know but I was talking with my mother the other day and she said off handedly, "You can make oil cloth with linseed oil." And I said "REALLY?" because you know, I have been looking for oil cloth but can't find the REAL thing. And it never crossed my mind that it was something you could just make.
Linseed oil has been coming up a lot at my house. Linseed and white vinegar to clean and condition leather, wood, and anything else I feel like. So it gets a lot of use.
So hopefully, when I get through the next few things on my list, I will try making oil cloth. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Okay, I have no pictures, Seńor has them hidden somewhere on his ginormous computer. BUT- on Sunday when I should have been doing anything but I started to put together some strips I had cut when I made the yellow bag because I didn't want them all just hanging about. Then as I was putting them together I was thinking about this and also this. Randomly I was also thinking of Haiti and how in the caribbean there are all these cool houses in the artwork.

So after the strips were all together I cut them into rectangles and triangles and put them back together as houses and then I sewed them back together as strips of houses. And now, I have no idea what to do with them... Okay, not no idea. I do plan to sew them onto something like a sky and then the ground and last night I was starting to turn them into pillows. Can you have artwork as pillows on your couch? And what makes it art anyway? Is it just a chi-chi little craft project? What is the difference between art, craft, and experimentation?

So anyway, this is just to say that I have no idea what I am doing with these houses. Which is very appropriate because right now, I have no idea what I am doing in most areas of my life. I feel very discontent in many areas right now and it is starting to wear thin. How do you convince yourself day after day to do all the things you don't care about?

Ugg- how did we get here? Let's end on a happier note. Thank you Kathryn for the request for a bag! I think we are going to call that design, the "Erica".

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Come sail away!

jacket 009

It must be the red, white and blue... because otherwise I don't think it is so "sailory" (the spell check says that "sailory" is not a word. Doesn't it know you can put -y on any word and make it into a description of itself?!)

Anyway, welcome to my first (as a grown up) handmade garment. I had been working on this and then got scared off by the collar and used that as an excuse to go do things I was supposed to be doing. Which was good, because they needed doing. Last night when my paper was almost done and the rum and cokes had begun I went up and looked at it again and something clicked.
Anyway, it is far from perfect (just like most of my work, you will find no nit-picking here.) But it is done and it is wearable and cute. Good enough for me.

jacket 003

Feliz lunes!

ps- funny enough, I got invited to this group because of this photo.


With the paper! Yippy! Now I just need to read 70 pages to catch up and prepare a ten minute talk. It's okay- yesterday was lovely out and today is rainy...
Seńor brought home a little azelea and we stuck it in the ground yesterday. We also watched Mr & Mrs Smith in Spanish last night while drinking rum and coke (sorry c-pher, that is why we didn't make it... I poured the first one at 5:30...) and it was very funny.
Anybody remember that jacket I was working on ages ago? I am going to finish it right now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Take two

more couching

So last night I raced home from work so I could finish the project I started this week. I didn't want it languishing upstairs while I was working on my paper and distracting me. This is the last step to banishing the distraction. After this I should be able to go get started on the paper. (I have even already vacuumed... It is only 9:30 though, I have plenty of time....)

This one I made for me. I have a new wallet coming which needed a new bag.

perfect match

Click on either picture to go to my flikr page and see more....

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2008

It was with great sadness

That I just put into my planner on a completely empty weekend (this one) “write paper.” I officially think school is not for me. I would much rather be doing any number of other things. Or study Spanish even. But writing a paper for psych is not at all what I think of as fun. Not that I think it will be hard, or that the subject matter isn’t interesting. It certainly pertains to my life. But blah! I wanna sew, sleep, plant seeds, sleep, read something just for the fun of it, and squeeze the Seńor. I’d even rather vacuum.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Bloom

In my yard, things are in bloom.

magnolia in bloom

Can you see the tiny bug? I didn't even know it was there when I snapped this picture...

Spring 010

I had hoped to be able to buy more plants and get the yard going this year but I think the reality is that it won't be happening though. There are too many other things we want to do (did I hear Nicaragua?) so something has to suffer.

Or I have to acquire a job that pays double....