Friday, November 30, 2012



My camera is back in action.  I'm going to try for another December Photo Project this year.  I am so happy to be done with relying on a phone for pictures.
John and E are putting together our new bed frame.  I was kicked out since they don't want me in the way of the "hard work."  I have fantasies of a huge quilt by Christmas.  With hand stitching.  I know. I know.
I was invited to a craft group for grownups with child care at a nearby church.  I practically ran to it.  Hello, brilliant!  E had a great time.  We will certainly be back next week.  And every week they hold it from now until eternity. :)
He starts a short preschool type class next week.  Just one day for 45 minutes and I go too.  But it sounds like fun.  We have the week set up so far with easy activities almost every morning.  I'm happy with the rhythm.  Out each morning at about the same time and then free all afternoon.  Not too busy, just busy enough.
I am reading Simplicity Parenting and loving it.  I can't wait to get rid of all the partial toys. 
One more weekend of freedom before John starts work.  We'll have to make the extra effort to sleep in.
I'll see you Monday with a picture and some words.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


As it turns out, I have a lot of thoughts this year about my birthday.  I feel like I am thinking about the year older more than ever as I approach this one.  I've begun to start combating the aging process of my skin recently because it is starting to show signs that I am not so young.  As a person who fought acne for so many years, this is new.  Working so hard to look like a grown up and now that I do (hello forehead- I'm talking to you!) not feeling all that great about it.
With all the change and work of the last few months I am finally able to look past the move and onto the next big thing.  In just a couple months we'll have a new addition.  A tiny baby to fall in love with and throw off any rhythm we may have found.  A big brother created from an only child.  I have no idea what all this looks like and I am trying not to be too eager to find out.  I imagine "hard" and "amazing" will top the list of adjectives.
Emerson's adjustment to the neighborhood has been eased by some amazing new friends just across the street.  They took him fishing for the first time in the back yard pond.   They showed him all the secret forts in the neighborhood.  They introduced him to the kittens who live on the block and have become some of his best friends as well.  The "kitties" wait for E to come out of the house and play.  They don't mind being carried uncomfortably by little hands.  They play and cuddle for hours and terrify Desi.  E asks, "Are the kitties here?" whenever we come back from an errand.  He reminds me so strongly of all the pictures I have seen of myself carrying around little kitties and goats at his age.  I am reminded again just how long ago and far off that time is.

 e with kitty in fort

Friday, November 23, 2012


We have spent the last week without Papa.  Finally, yesterday he arrived and we are all together again.  E did so well, but he really is a Papa's boy.  Others have a place in his heart, but not THE place.
When Papa got home E was glued to his side.  Even though we were getting back in the car to go to visit family for Thanksgiving and Papa had to get ready.  E helped Papa shave most of his week long beard off.

shaving papa

They are so sweet.  I am so glad to see them back together again.

I think he likes his Sissie, too.

30 week belly kiss

Hope your day was full of love!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


We're here.  And still standing somehow.  I wish I had a camera that worked so I could share with you some images.  Brightly colored trees, golden sunlight, chipmunks and squirrels busy as can be.  We're finding everything we can that is offered in play dates and story times. It is so different to balance the work of relocating with the play so important to a little person.  The people are so, so great here.  The midwife has already been over.  I am hoping to set up some acupuncture after Thanksgiving.  Neighbors keep dropping by to say hello and offer help or a small gift.
Life is so, so full and so good, too.