Friday, July 24, 2009

3 months

Three months 008

At three months you:

Have really found your hands and arms and boy, they must taste great!
Hold your head up and look around with such interest and excitement.
Are almost ready to roll over and you get so frustrated trying.
Smile so big when your papa comes home.
Giggle, shriek and smile all day long.
Have just started riding facing out in the moby. You even stay awake for a bit because there is so much to see.
Are doing lot's of lap standing and raspberry blowing.
Have already been on your first big road trip, taken the train and you're getting ready for your first camping trip too.
Are taking naps in your own bed.
Sometimes sleep straight through the night till 6 or 7 in the morning.
Are blowing bubbles and drooling.
Give smiles away for free.

We love you and it is a pleasure watching you smile, laugh and grow. Thank you for blessing us with your bubbles and wiggles.

Exiting the fourth trimester


Some basic thoughts:

1. Some days I feel like it is not physically possible to feel full because you can't eat that much food in one sitting.

2. The time with Emerson during nursing is so special and wonderful. That said, some days he seems to nurse all day so having a book or dvd on hand helps pass the special time. ;)

3. Fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans was a wonderful moment.

4. So was being able to continue my normal married life. :)

5. When they say, "Try to stick with it." about nursing they should tell you a little more. Like, it might still be not be perfectly comfortable at 6 weeks or you will feel tied down in a way that will make you frustrated time to time or there is nothing better than seeing an upset babe relax into your arms.

6. I am now saying amazingly redundant things like, "Wow, I am so glad we already had him!" or "Can you believe we made a baby?" Yeah, I guess it takes a while to sink in...

7. I love having my belly button back to normal. Seriously, welcome back belly button, I missed you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Block project

Hello craftiness my old friend! How much I have missed you!
I continue to make progress on my latest little project which I am excited to say I am doing it all by hand. This has several benefits: it has the wonderful ability to be done anywhere, all I have to do is gather the bit I am working on and drag it along. (I think I need a little basket to keep everything together though.) I can stop and start very easily and even when I am not working on it I can see it tempting me and so I want to work on it more. It also isn't dragging me away from where I am, wishing I could just get down into the basement to do whatever. I can see that it is waiting patiently for me and will be ready whenever I am.
I have just finished the embroidery part of it using a type of stitch called couching. This is when you use one thread to hold another in place. I love it because you get a great look and very quick results. It is also very textural so it feels good to run your fingers over it and it is raised enough that it even casts a bit of a shadow that gives it more depth.
Anyway, I found out about couching when I bought the Embroidery Stitch Bible a while ago. I love going through it and looking for ideas and inspiration. I only really use needle work to decorate (as opposed to making a whole project that is embroidered) so I don't get a lot of practice. This book is nice and clear with a photo and/or diagram for every stitch. Yay for people who know lots about what ever they know about so you can tap in for the little bit you need!

Block project

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On sleep

The bug's bed

This is the mobile I made the first week we were home but just hung a couple weeks ago. It is simple using just felt, yarn, floss and a embroidery hoop. It is hanging from a lamp we haven't used since the Bug has been sleeping under it.

This what his bed looks like right now from our perspective.

The bug's bed

Between the new mirror (graciously lent by his Aunt Erica) and the mobile he now spends more time awake happily on his way to sleep and after waking. I find him smiling and cooing at himself in the mirror and gazing at the shapes on the mobile as they float about above him quite often. It is light enough from the street light that he can see the shapes even at night. We are very lucky that he sleeps well and wakes gently. Now he has some entertainment that doesn't involve us and he can spend time concentrating and focusing his eyes. All of that is good for him right now.

The other night we went to Ikea and bought him a thin mattress for his own room. As soon as that is set up I am going to start putting him down for naps in there. We are going with the Montessori no crib thing. I can now imagine him sleeping in his own room so I want to prepare him for the transition so it isn't a shock. It won't happen next week or anything, but sooner than later.

Speaking of sleep, I started a new project while he is sleeping this week... I can't wait to share the finished product! Hopefully I will finish before next year!

For Emerson 007

Monday, July 13, 2009

Images from Savannah

cathedral doors
repeating curly cues
live oak and spanish moss
Family picture

Mei Tai Success

Have you been wondering if I finished the new baby carrier I was trying to get done before our trip? I am sure you could hardly go about your day not knowing how it was going...

savannah 083

It worked very well. The outside fabric is 100% cotton and has dragonflies on it (bugs for the Bug) and the inside fabric is 100% bamboo so it is cool to the touch and moisture wicking to keep the Bug dry. He fussed for a minute every time I put him in it but passed out shortly after or enjoyed staring up at the sky or ceiling while walking.

napping after nursing

I was able to nurse him while sitting or walking which made all the difference and I was able to go pee while on the train alone for 6 hours. It also made walking on the jiggling train easier with his bag in one hand I could still catch myself if I lost my balance and not drop anything.

savannah 085

edit to add: oh right- this is from the pattern from sew liberated that I bought a few weeks ago. It was super easy to make even if it did take me a long time because of the Bug. Without distraction this is an easy afternoon project. There are a few things I would change in the making phase on the next one but I will save the pattern review for when I actually try the changes so I am not just making guesses.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July

See you in a week. Perhaps I will get to adding pictures while I am gone...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planning an adventure

The Bug and I are going on an adventure soon. It will be our first time away from home and Senor. And it will be ten days and include a train ride, nights in three or four places, and a big birthday. I am so excited to be able to go but also a little nervous of remembering everything I will need to bring to have a happy Bug. And of course, I will miss Senor!
I am preparing for it by making another baby carrier that I hope will be easier to travel with than the moby. Which I love wearing but I don't love how long it is and that the ends are dragged across the ground and through who knows what every time you put it on. And that it is huge and a mess when it is off. The new one has a built in stuff sack so I should be able to avoid that particular problem. Cross your fingers that I will be back tomorrow with finished pictures.