Friday, July 24, 2009

3 months

Three months 008

At three months you:

Have really found your hands and arms and boy, they must taste great!
Hold your head up and look around with such interest and excitement.
Are almost ready to roll over and you get so frustrated trying.
Smile so big when your papa comes home.
Giggle, shriek and smile all day long.
Have just started riding facing out in the moby. You even stay awake for a bit because there is so much to see.
Are doing lot's of lap standing and raspberry blowing.
Have already been on your first big road trip, taken the train and you're getting ready for your first camping trip too.
Are taking naps in your own bed.
Sometimes sleep straight through the night till 6 or 7 in the morning.
Are blowing bubbles and drooling.
Give smiles away for free.

We love you and it is a pleasure watching you smile, laugh and grow. Thank you for blessing us with your bubbles and wiggles.

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sharon said...

It's so great that you write this. I am sure that Emerson will absolutely love reading all of these thoughts some day. I also really like reading it. His smile is an automatic day brightener - i think I just made up that word. Love, hugs, etc.