Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At One Year~

12 months 009


: snuggle into bed every chance you get.
: sleep like an inchworm and wake up because you have inched off the bed.
: want to go up and down stairs all day.
: bite. A lot. Stop that.
: chatter on and laugh hysterically at the dog.
: keep grabbing the dog and cat. The cat purrs and comes back for more. I can't believe the dog hasn't eaten you yet. Stop that.
: squinch your nose up and breath funny ("he, he, he!") when you think we said something funny.
: are eating just about everything.
: love when papa gets home.
: love the playground and are starting to go down the slides yourself.
: always want to push the stroller.
: make us chase you for diaper changes.
: have bath time in a bucket since you insist on standing.
: have a whole new arsenal of sounds which are higher pitched and slightly nasal.
: take steps when you are too distracted to notice we aren't holding on to you. Sit down right away when you do.
: are pretty loud.

{28.5 inches and 20lbs and 7oz. Weight exactly the same as last time he was at the pediatrician and only .5 inches longer/taller. Guess he finally slowed down. :}

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I fixed the machine. Don't ask me how but it is running again. To make sure it was working I put together all the strips for the top of the quilt. And then finished this skirt. Yay!

Floral skirt with knit waist

The skirt has been floating around in my head for a while. It is super simple which means it isn't the most flattering. I used a peice of stretch knit for the waist band and then just cut a full width of the floral (which is a swiss cotton dot lawn that is so nice!) and sewed them together. So the skirt gets fuller right on my hips (the unflattering part I mentioned). The main part of the skirt is lined with another bit of the knit. Once I had that together I felt like it was too short for everyday wear so I added the ruffle. I love it. It was hard to gather that much fabric in one go (I used two widths) and next time I will gather each side separately. With the ruffle I can sit down or squat to play with the Bug and no one has to see my under bits...
Next time I make it (I have another swiss dot screaming to be made into something this summer) I think I will cut two sides of the main skirt and give it a little a line. I think that would wear a little nicer. I would love to make a whole summer wardrobe... This could certainly be my uniform.

Floral skirt with knit waist crop

Here is a peak at the quilt top all in peices. Maybe I can get them together tomorrow.

Quilt top strips

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Today I cut out an entire quilt in a nap. I even had time to begin to organize the blocks. This was largely thanks to the template that Senor cut out of acrylic and brought home for me. When you don't have to measure the cutting is so fast! Yesterday I had ironed all of the fabric. It is amazing what I can get done with the sewing machine broken...
The machine is still down. I need to go try a couple more things but am hesitating and I am not sure why. I really don't want to find out that it is broken for real I guess. I need to find a good repair shop anyway and just suck it up and pay for regular tune ups. *Le sigh*
Senor was gone all weekend so I was in single parent land. Wow, single parents are rock stars! I have been away with the Bug before but always to see people who really want to play and help with him (like grandparents) so getting a shower or making food was never an issue. Not that I don't do those things often enough when it is just the two of us, but the pressure, my god! I almost never need to shower right at that time- I could always wait till Senor came home or a nap came along. But Saturday morning a shower had to happen because I was going dress shopping with Cindy and you can't try on fancy dresses when you are el stinko. So the Bug stood at the side of the shower and got sprinkled whilst I got clean. He thought it was hilarious.
Cindy was awesome, chasing him everywhere while I tried on dresses and shoes. Insanely, I bought a strapless dress, but oh, the non-mom-ness sucked me in. I feel like my whole look is going to change this year. There are so many things I have done forever clothing-wise and I am so tired of it. A puff of silver silk seems like a great place to start! Now I have to make a pair of bloomers...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Where have I been? Enjoying the sunshine and playground and parks!

Making things I should be talking about more.

headband for Erica

Making things I can't talk about yet... Enjoying just being with E and enjoying getting away from him as well. Planning birthday party fun and future changes. Teaching crochet classes.

Watching the bug paint.


You know- living. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Randomness

I have been in Baltimore ten years today.

E likes to push the stroller.

He is currently napping and I need to wake him but just can't- look at that sweet face.

11 months 020

One year ago I wrote this.