Sunday, February 28, 2010

At 10 months~

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: Love books. Especially turning the pages.
: Full on crawl.
: Pull up on what ever.
: Crawl up to the dog and open your mouth for a make out session. (Eww!)
: Choose papa when there is the option.
: Wake up happy and crawl out of bed to play.
: Wake up sad and crawl out of bed to come find us.
: Are so excited about moving you can't be still enough to get to sleep sometimes.
: Just learned "high five!"
: Walk holding fingers until you're exhausted.
: Make magic birdy hands.
: Want to stand up in the bath tub to terrify your parents.
: Have the top two teeth coming in and making you very sad.
: Do downward dog but don't know where to go from there.
: Try to give Zo your food and laugh hysterically at her.
: Have a cold :(

*I can't believe how fast time is moving. I am already making plans for your first birthday celebration. (Friends- save the May 1st for the party!) How can this be true??? Your papa and I feel so blessed to have you in our lives sharing your smiles, triumphs and tears. And know there are a lot of others who feel the same way about you.*

Friday, February 26, 2010

the veiw from here







Curing sadness:


Finding sleepiness:


Achieving silliness:


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some randomness

Valentines Day 2010 002

He is now crawling for real. And trying to pull up on anything he can reach. And getting black eyes and many kisses for the effort. This is part of growing up right? Becoming aware of where your head is. Without banging it on everything how the heck do you learn where it is? You can't see it. Poor guy! Can anyone recommend good socks with grippies on the bottom? I am tired of buying ones that don't stay on. The best ones we have are bamboo infant sized ones- but I have no idea who made them!
Speaking of bamboo, I love doing my own diapers! I am not sure I would have loved it before EC when we were going through so many poopy ones, but really the diapers are so nice and soft, I love folding them and putting them away. We use a combination of fitted and prefolds (all with covers.) It works great. I know I heard a few mama's tell me that prefolds are useless except as dust rags but I almost could say I like using them better than the fitted diapers. The prefolds are fast and easy. At this point I don't even use a snappi, I just lay it in the cover and your done. This is really great for getting them off quick at potty time. But the fitted are cute and squishy and make me want to pat his bum all the time. :)
He is sleeping a little better since we switched out his heater for a humidifier. Ahh, the other morning he slept until 8:30. So lovely to have my breakfast without giving him his every other bite. I am also trying to take a different approach to getting him back to sleep. Instead of walking in "boobs blaring" (tell me you know what I mean mamas!) I am trying some back rubs and singing. I am far too reliant on the boobs! I have no idea when I will wean him but I can say if I did it tomorrow I would not be able to get him to sleep for at least a week. I have no idea how to do it without the boobies. Which kind of freaks me out. But it is so hard not to whip them out cause I know it will make him happy. Anyway, the new things are working sometimes and that is better than never.
I have just about finished another blouse and have used even more tricks from Amy Karol. I will put up a whole blog about that after it is finished. (Hopefully.) I am planning to start another one next week from the new pattern. Can you believe it?? I can't.
I have a crochet class next weekend at Lovely Yarns in Hamden. If you already crochet and want to learn some cool new stuff, sign up! My class is "A5: Foundation Single Crochet & Ribbing for Crochet."
I have been wanting to write a review of the Kindle lately. Have I already done this? It feels a little like I already typed that. Or have I just been thinking it so long? Le sigh...
I am so excited about our upcoming trip to meet our new nephew! In addition we will get to hang out in New Orleans for a couple days and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. So fun!

Told you this was going to be random. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My morning

Hope your Valentine's day is as sweet as mine-

v day 10 006

v day 10 005

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the move!

(I wrote this a week ago but had a lot of trouble uploading the videos.)

In the last few days the Bug has really figured out getting around. He does a military crawl and nothing is safe anymore. Looks like we need one more baby gate...
Here is a little demonstration:

In this video (which is pretty crappy because it was night time, just before getting ready for bed) you can see him stepping and laughing. Sorry about my laugh at the end. I always try to be quiet while the camera is going but he's funny, ya know?

He is also clapping when he is happy. On the potty, for breakfast, what have you. I can't imagine where he picked that up...
His relationship with Zo continues to develop and we find him making out with her when ever we don't intervene fast enough. This morning he realized he could sit in his chair at breakfast and lean over to hand her a tasty morsel.

make out session

So there you go! More ridiculous Bugness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Valentine's

(You can still sign up for the Block Swap until Friday the 12th. Sign up on that post or shoot me an email.)

We are having V-day presents a little early this year... Since we have nothing better to do and I am trying to use this time to catch up on the blogging and sewing I always think about but never quite squeeze into the day.
I have wanted to make a soft toy for the Bug since before he ever got here but I couldn't decide what. I wanted something out of natural fabrics that wasn't complicated and left a lot to the imagination. And recently, something he can chew on became one of the things I was looking for. Enter Last Minute Sewing Gifts. I have made a couple things from this book in the last couple years (which apparently I never mentioned here because I can't find them.)

V day bug gift 016

This little guy is made from sweater felt I have had for a while. Being 100% wool felt makes it the perfect toy to snuggle and chew on. It is super soft and squeezable. The orange is my favorite which I keep using bit by bit and hope never to run completely out of. The blue is a delicious fuzzy merino.

V day bug gift 019

I hope he likes it. He'll get it when he gets up from his nap. Any ideas for a name?
For Senor, I made a new lunch bag. It is simple, just a reversible drawstring bag made from Robert Koffman fabrics I have been dying to put to good use. I think Senor likes it.

Lunch Bag 025

(Click for more pictures.)

He made me these cookies that were approved by the Black Apple. We ran out of vanilla and had to use a little almond extract... They are huge. They are chewy. They are awesome.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Blouse

Ever since I began sewing I have been eager to sew clothing for myself but after a few attempts with commercial patterns I gave up. I can draft a skirt pattern and make that, no problem. Thanks to Sew What? Skirts! One day I will even put a zipper in a skirt and the possibilities will expand boundlessly! :)
But I have been afraid to try a blouse because it just doesn't seem like something that will work. Pattern sizing is weird and in the last 18 months my measurements have fluctuated. A lot. And so it has been something I thought about a lot but not something to do. For fear. For laziness.
Of course, like every other crafty girl out there I read Amy Karol's blog. And she has been encouraging and challenging me lately with the beautiful things she has made. Watching someone else pump out cute stuff from a pattern means it isn't the pattern that is the issue, right? So I bought the one she's been using.
But I already had another pattern from two years ago that I had been meaning to make, well, for two years. I even had the fabric. Of course, this was all purchased before I understood about quilting cotton not being for clothing. But I held onto it for so long hoping to make this with it I decided I would consider this my muslin. If it turned out okay, great! If not I could always cut it up and use it for piecework.
I think it worked out just fine in the end. I followed all of the instructions and took my time to work in larger blocks of time since I had a snowpocalypse keeping Senor home.

blouse detail

I cut it down a few inches on either side after sewing the sides up the first time which means that the sleeves ended up being puffed. Which is just fine with me. I loved Anne of Green Gables when I was little!

blouse front

The button was an old make your own fabric button dealy from one of the grandmother stashes that I have been gifted. Senor thinks the whole look is very retro-futuristic and I can't say that I mind that either.

blouse back

I need to add a little hook and eye to the back of the yoke. Next time I make it I will use a softer fabric with a little more drape. I don't want to speak too soon, but I would love to make myself several outfits for this summer. I am tired of wanting nice clothes and then feeling weird about spending the money. And then I wait for a "special" reason to wear things since staying home with the Bug seems like a jeans and t-shirt kind of job. And then I feel like a slob. Well, once it warms up a bit I will be putting the jeans away anyway. Might as well have nice things I made just how I like them. Clothes that can get a little messy because you know, I can always make more!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quilt Block Swap

Edit: I will take new sign ups until the 12th. After that I will send out an email with all the details. Thanks everyone!

Okay, I want to do a quilt block swap! Here are the rules I am thinking, let me know if I am missing something:

1. One 10" block a month sent to someone else in the swap. I haven't decided yet if we will have the same partner every month or switch up since I don't know how many people might be interested.

2. The block can be traditional, contemporary or free form.

3. The block will be based on a theme each month which my lovely assistant, er, husband, will come up with for us. Like "sunshine" or whatever and then you make a block that says "sunshine" to you. We will put up the new word or theme on the first of the month, blocks should get to the person your swapping with by the end of the month.

4. Blocks must be primarily made of quilting cotton but embellishments and embroidery is fine to add.

5. Part of me wants to say when you sign up you should also pick a color. Then even if we swap partners every month the blocks you get will have some cohesiveness. Like I pick purple and each block I get would have some purple in it (but not necessarily be all purple...)

What do you think? To sign up you can either leave a comment here WITH your email address or send an email to littleanilia (at) gmail (dot) com and include your mailing address and color. I will leave this up for a week and see what we get. Since we have already gotten into February, March will start the swap, but I might release the first theme a little early.

~For Kim~

Another OAD bag ready to go out! My friend Kim bought a couple of these as Christmas gifts and then ordered another one for herself. Since it was also her birthday last week I decided this one should be a gift as well!


So- Happy Birthday Kim! I'll see you Wednesday. I appreciate the support so much!

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