Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Valentine's

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We are having V-day presents a little early this year... Since we have nothing better to do and I am trying to use this time to catch up on the blogging and sewing I always think about but never quite squeeze into the day.
I have wanted to make a soft toy for the Bug since before he ever got here but I couldn't decide what. I wanted something out of natural fabrics that wasn't complicated and left a lot to the imagination. And recently, something he can chew on became one of the things I was looking for. Enter Last Minute Sewing Gifts. I have made a couple things from this book in the last couple years (which apparently I never mentioned here because I can't find them.)

V day bug gift 016

This little guy is made from sweater felt I have had for a while. Being 100% wool felt makes it the perfect toy to snuggle and chew on. It is super soft and squeezable. The orange is my favorite which I keep using bit by bit and hope never to run completely out of. The blue is a delicious fuzzy merino.

V day bug gift 019

I hope he likes it. He'll get it when he gets up from his nap. Any ideas for a name?
For Senor, I made a new lunch bag. It is simple, just a reversible drawstring bag made from Robert Koffman fabrics I have been dying to put to good use. I think Senor likes it.

Lunch Bag 025

(Click for more pictures.)

He made me these cookies that were approved by the Black Apple. We ran out of vanilla and had to use a little almond extract... They are huge. They are chewy. They are awesome.


Mom A said...

How about Mynot.

Lady Ren said...

Really cute- You are so creative. Love your choice in textiles too. Just found your blog and think its great!

anilia said...

Thanks Lady Ren!!