Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some randomness

Valentines Day 2010 002

He is now crawling for real. And trying to pull up on anything he can reach. And getting black eyes and many kisses for the effort. This is part of growing up right? Becoming aware of where your head is. Without banging it on everything how the heck do you learn where it is? You can't see it. Poor guy! Can anyone recommend good socks with grippies on the bottom? I am tired of buying ones that don't stay on. The best ones we have are bamboo infant sized ones- but I have no idea who made them!
Speaking of bamboo, I love doing my own diapers! I am not sure I would have loved it before EC when we were going through so many poopy ones, but really the diapers are so nice and soft, I love folding them and putting them away. We use a combination of fitted and prefolds (all with covers.) It works great. I know I heard a few mama's tell me that prefolds are useless except as dust rags but I almost could say I like using them better than the fitted diapers. The prefolds are fast and easy. At this point I don't even use a snappi, I just lay it in the cover and your done. This is really great for getting them off quick at potty time. But the fitted are cute and squishy and make me want to pat his bum all the time. :)
He is sleeping a little better since we switched out his heater for a humidifier. Ahh, the other morning he slept until 8:30. So lovely to have my breakfast without giving him his every other bite. I am also trying to take a different approach to getting him back to sleep. Instead of walking in "boobs blaring" (tell me you know what I mean mamas!) I am trying some back rubs and singing. I am far too reliant on the boobs! I have no idea when I will wean him but I can say if I did it tomorrow I would not be able to get him to sleep for at least a week. I have no idea how to do it without the boobies. Which kind of freaks me out. But it is so hard not to whip them out cause I know it will make him happy. Anyway, the new things are working sometimes and that is better than never.
I have just about finished another blouse and have used even more tricks from Amy Karol. I will put up a whole blog about that after it is finished. (Hopefully.) I am planning to start another one next week from the new pattern. Can you believe it?? I can't.
I have a crochet class next weekend at Lovely Yarns in Hamden. If you already crochet and want to learn some cool new stuff, sign up! My class is "A5: Foundation Single Crochet & Ribbing for Crochet."
I have been wanting to write a review of the Kindle lately. Have I already done this? It feels a little like I already typed that. Or have I just been thinking it so long? Le sigh...
I am so excited about our upcoming trip to meet our new nephew! In addition we will get to hang out in New Orleans for a couple days and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. So fun!

Told you this was going to be random. :)


Crafty Maine Mom said...

Ok first of all my youngest is turning ten in a couple days. So my suggestion is coming from that perspective. When he was little I made a small rectangle of fabric with a little pieces of velcro one on each end. i sewed it to the back of the loose socks and then I would velcro them together in the front of the sock (It worked) Also a little fabric paint on the bottom of the sock gives it grips.

kayla said...

I totally know what you mean--my husband had this realization the other day: "How are we gonna get her to fall asleep once you stop nursing?" That's why, I told him, we're trying this so-called sleep training now. She is getting better at getting back to sleep with just patting. Yay!