Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I've been so quiet.

bombay love 1

 bombay love detail

This little sweater is called Bombay Love.  I made it for a certain someone who will be joining our family around the middle of September.  The white is a super wash wool I had a little left over of and the other is the Donegal tweed I have so much of.  I'm saving the button choice for after we find out the gender.
I feel very lucky that the first trimester has so far been much, much easier on me that it was with the Bug.  But it is a time of very low productivity (at least outwardly.)  A time for resting and dreaming and doing the work you can while your feet are up and the dog is curled next to you.  So, you can imagine, I'll have a few crochet projects to share in the coming weeks...
I've been waiting to say anything here until I had told the Bug.  It was weird because I really had no idea how he would take it.  If he would care or get upset or ask lot's of questions.  And (have you noticed?) I am terrible at keeping secrets.
So the other night I told him and he asked where the baby was.
"It is in my belly."
"Can it come out and play?"
"Well, not till the end of summer.  It has to get bigger."
And not a word about it since.  Really, the best thing I could have hoped for.  Like when your dog meets a new dog and they sniff and then ignore each other.  Perfect.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Helbore in February

Happy Valentine's Day.  I always like a holiday dedicated to eating chocolates and telling people how much you love them!  This morning I was nudged awake at 6am sharp so that I could hear a singing card.  The Bug had gotten it in the mail yesterday from his Nana and Pappy and Aunt Carolyn (they have a little tradition with the singing cards.  Remember this?)  It is obvious that he had slept with the card and had been waiting all night to share it with me (I didn't come home for dinner last night, I was at meditation until after he was in bed.)  It was the sweetest way to wake up way too early I've ever experienced.  He said, "You want to hear it again, Mama?" Of course, darling, of course!

 V day card

After that I sent him down to find Papa so I could pull myself out of bed and head downstairs to make breakfast.  You heard me. I. Made. Breakfast.  Crazy talk!!
In all fairness, I cheated.  I made a Dutch baby,  from this recipe.  I did change it just  smidge; I used half whole wheat flour and threw in a few hand fulls of blueberries so it took longer to cook.  It came out like a dream and was gone before I could snap a picture.  Yum, easy, liked by all.  Perfect.

 Book mark 1

I gave Senor his gift last night when I came home (because I can't wait.)  Anyway, I knew he could use it right away.  He only got about 20 books for the holidays and his birthday.  Now he can keep his place.  He gave me lovely felted wool slippers this morning.  Dreamy!

Book mark

I hope your day is full of love and kindness!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hiding out


It isn't intentional.  I have been busy, busy, busy over here.  Making and planning, sleeping and dreaming.  Not taking any pictures.  Of anything.  But I am determined to change all that.  I am making a little Valentine's gift for Senor.  My love, my hero.  I will put it up tomorrow after he gets it.
This week, on Friday, the Bug has his first "Winter Show" at school.  I am not sure what this means exactly but I am excited to see how it goes.  To laugh and maybe cry a little and give him plenty of big hugs afterwards.  He is changing so much, becoming more and more an emotional creature as he nears Three.  Many people tell me it isn't Two you have to watch out for.  Three is really the hard one.  (I fear they are going to tell me, as we approach Four, that that will be harder.  And it will continue that way Forever.)  But it also makes for so many sweet moments everyday. 
He tells me he loves me and wants to cuddle into my arms.  He would like to sit and read books with you whenever he isn't throwing things.  He likes to snuggle in the morning.  He laughs hysterically and cries hysterically.  He asked me what cute, throw up and laugh all mean yesterday.  He has been crying and not wanting to go to school in the morning.  He is so sad that it makes you cry with him.  He never wants to leave school at the end of the day.  He ignores us when we come to pick him up.  If he doesn't talk to us he might not have to leave. 
Sometimes he does the sweetest care taking kind of things.  He'll look at me and say, "You want water, Mama?  You need water?  Ok! I get you water, Mama."  (It doesn't matter what my response is.)  He will take your face or hand in his little hands and say, "You feel ok?"  He will put his tiny, freezing hands on you and tell you he is trying to keep you warm.  He actually is recognizing when he is tired now.  "I tired, Mama," he says.  As if I don't already know.
Three might be hard, but I can see that it will be so rewarding too.  These little conversations are so amazing.  These emotional exchanges are so sweet they almost break my heart.  Over and over and over.  But it is better to have a broken heart in this way- it makes your heart grow bigger and bigger.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My secret


A couple Mondays ago I got up and got the Bug off to school and then bundled myself up with long johns and mittens and a fuzzy scarf.  I got into the car a drove a couple hours northwest even though the weather was bleak; foggy and with intermittent freezing rain falling from the sky.  I love days like that though.  Fog makes it possible to imagine so much more.  What is or isn't beyond your little limited view.  And the air always feels full of magic to me.  I will admit to not loving freezing rain or the temperatures that go with it very much.
As I made my way deeper and deeper into the countryside it felt as if the magic was getting stronger.  The perfect little vistas with barns and old farm houses.  All cuddled in a blanket of ice covered snow.  I'm not usually the kind of person to say such things but it brought tears to my eyes a couple of times seeing such picture perfect places and thinking, however briefly, of all the lives that have been lived in each home.
I found the driveway I was looking for and turned down it.  It went on forever.  I kept thinking, "This must be it!" and being wrong.  When I finally made it to the end I knew, without a doubt that I had arrived.  I went to the door and was greeted by a lovely woman named Sarah and the largest dog I have ever seen.  His name is Tundra.  I think his head is wider than my waist and just as tall.
After a little tea and getting to know each other we headed out to the barn.  Sarah gave me some hand warmers to keep in my pockets so I would be able to use my hands and touch everything.  As we came in I got some curious looks.  Sarah told me if I stood still their curiosity would overcome them and they would come check me out.  The barn was full of mamas and crias (babies) about 3 months old.  It was here that I finally got to meet my first alpacas.  They came in all colors: black, silver, brown, fawn and creamy white.  Many were wet from standing outside at the trough.  They were smaller than I expected.  That day I learned to catch them, helped give some shots, helped mark down the weights for the crias and even got to see orgling and an attempt at mating.  I got to see what the fiber looks like when it comes off in the spring.  I felt the foot pads.  It was a great day.

 Alpca day 1

I had gone to see if the little fantasy I had always harbored of having a few alpaca for fiber was something I really thought I would like.  I came away sure that if it was fun and interesting on a cold and gloomy day I would love it every other day too.
Thank you Sarah and Long Acres Alpaca Farm for spending the day with me.  We are planning a return trip in March for the next batch of crias and so Senor and the Bug (and Moriah too!) can come meet all my newest friends.

 Alpca day 3

Ps- I took only a few, not very good pictures.  Go to the website of the farm to see how amazing it really is there.