Monday, February 13, 2012

Hiding out


It isn't intentional.  I have been busy, busy, busy over here.  Making and planning, sleeping and dreaming.  Not taking any pictures.  Of anything.  But I am determined to change all that.  I am making a little Valentine's gift for Senor.  My love, my hero.  I will put it up tomorrow after he gets it.
This week, on Friday, the Bug has his first "Winter Show" at school.  I am not sure what this means exactly but I am excited to see how it goes.  To laugh and maybe cry a little and give him plenty of big hugs afterwards.  He is changing so much, becoming more and more an emotional creature as he nears Three.  Many people tell me it isn't Two you have to watch out for.  Three is really the hard one.  (I fear they are going to tell me, as we approach Four, that that will be harder.  And it will continue that way Forever.)  But it also makes for so many sweet moments everyday. 
He tells me he loves me and wants to cuddle into my arms.  He would like to sit and read books with you whenever he isn't throwing things.  He likes to snuggle in the morning.  He laughs hysterically and cries hysterically.  He asked me what cute, throw up and laugh all mean yesterday.  He has been crying and not wanting to go to school in the morning.  He is so sad that it makes you cry with him.  He never wants to leave school at the end of the day.  He ignores us when we come to pick him up.  If he doesn't talk to us he might not have to leave. 
Sometimes he does the sweetest care taking kind of things.  He'll look at me and say, "You want water, Mama?  You need water?  Ok! I get you water, Mama."  (It doesn't matter what my response is.)  He will take your face or hand in his little hands and say, "You feel ok?"  He will put his tiny, freezing hands on you and tell you he is trying to keep you warm.  He actually is recognizing when he is tired now.  "I tired, Mama," he says.  As if I don't already know.
Three might be hard, but I can see that it will be so rewarding too.  These little conversations are so amazing.  These emotional exchanges are so sweet they almost break my heart.  Over and over and over.  But it is better to have a broken heart in this way- it makes your heart grow bigger and bigger.

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just great, that is all I can say. Keep writing.