Monday, June 29, 2009

Water week and other fun


So last week consisted of two days with only a dribble of water followed by a few emails sent by Senor to the Mayor, a Council woman, the neighborhood list serves and the company handling the water project in our area (to be fair I had already called 311 to find out if the City could help me or tell me when we might get water back and only gotten a rude response saying I should be grateful I have any water at all.) Then, only thirty minutes after Senor sent the emails he received phone calls back and only ten minutes after that a very large man was standing on our doorstep with wrench. He bent down to walk through the door and our water was restored.
Then we had two blissful days of perfect water.
Sunday morning Senor turned on the faucet to discover no hot water. He went to investigate and found that we had plenty of water in the basement. So much that it had put out the pilot light and flooded our "wine cellar". So everything that was in the water got moved outside. And then back in. And then upstairs this morning. Whew. It makes me tired just writing it and I moved hardly anything because I was on Bug duty. And this morning a guy came over and replaced the hot water heater and then two other guys came over to clean/dry/replace the carpet that got soaked in the flood. I have to say I am so surprised. I am used to work like that being done after much schedule adjustment and many, many days after you actually need it finished.

In between all of that we also got new neighbors. Luckily they were kind enough to let us use their shower. And they played with the Bug a little too.

new neighbor

So that was more moving for Senor...

Lui futaco

But we did have fun going to the market and seeing Hula-hoop guy:

hula hoops

Changing the Bug in the median, I mean, "park":

Median change

Harvesting our overgrown but still pretty cauliflower:

over grown cauliflower

All in all, not so bad besides all the money and time invested for the water problems. And Senor even stayed home today to take care of the basement problems so the Bug and I get a long weekend with the Papa. Yay!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The words

Here is a link to the words from Emerson's party.

Monday, June 22, 2009

8 weeks

Emerson Stripes

At 8 weeks you:
Have a whole new set of "words"- ah-goo, gee, ah-gee, jai, unga.
Smile when you see me. Smile when you hear people laugh.
Weigh at least 11 lbs.
Only get up once or twice a night.
Prefer to nap on me in the afternoon.
Love Norah Jones and Alexi Murdoch.
Have grown out of all of your newborn clothes.
Have full, long eyelashes.
Still make people stop and say something about how beautiful you are.
Can really hold your head up and look around when you choose.
Can STAND with a little balance help so that big noggin doesn't pull you down.
Make us so happy.

I love you Bug. Mwah!

edit to add: At the 2 month check up you weighed in at 11 lbs, 10 oz and measured 22.25 inches. Wow!

The Party


Oh, what a wonderful time we had!! Thank you all for making the day so special. It was amazing to have you all there, we felt wrapped in love and blessings. I think Senor will be typing up a little of what he said to share it with some special people who weren't able to attend and as soon as that happens, I will share it here as well. But for now, here are some images from the day. I will put up the rest of them on flikr throughout the day. If you took any please, please, share them with us!


Naming Party 007

Naming Party 045


And after the party- all worn out from being perfectly sweet and resting in so many adoring arms- our little Bug, drunk on love.

Naming party 136

Many thanks to Jeremy and my Dad for the pictures, Azafran for hosting and providing a devine brunch and Jay for his special blessing and sitar playing!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Funday

Bird and cabin pillow

Guess what I did yesterday morning. I went to yoga! For an hour and a half. And then I went to Target and went shopping all by myself. It was wonderful. And the Bug and Senor stayed home with a couple of bottles. It was the first time the Bug had a bottle and it seemed that everything was just fine. And did I mention I got a yoga class out of this deal??!!
I went to a beginner class and I am happy I did. It was strange to feel like my arms were pretty strong but my hips and thighs oh so weak. I didn't love the instructor's style but it was a lovely way to start back. Early on Sunday morning with your whole day ahead of you.
The rest of the day was spent preparing for all the visitors who will be coming to see us this weekend for the Bug's party. We made dinner plans and did laundry and cleaned floors. I worked on some sewing and have finally taken some pictures of my most recently finished pillow case to share with you. I didn't work on this over the weekend, it has been done for a while.
Today Emerson is seven weeks old... How time is flying...

Monday, June 8, 2009

El Gordito

At six weeks we have officially been informed that the Bug is weighing in at 9lbs and 13 ounces! That is almost ten pounds! And he grew more than 3 inches! I mean, I knew he was bigger and heavier, but my goodness...
I can't believe how fast all of this is going. Can someone slow it down a bit? I really like hanging out with him. Especially as he gets more and more alert and interactive. We have a good time. Who invented this work thing anyway?

mohawk baby

Friday, June 5, 2009

What I imagine E feels like:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

More pictures

I realized this morning I have been remiss in sharing new pictures. And since I want to help the Bug learn to share I thought I would model some behavior. :)
Here is one from a morning in bed while Senor is obviously trying to catch a few more z's.

morning in bed

And here is one at play. Look at that happy boy! He is smiling at us more and more.

at play

Click on either one for more...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sorry, no pictures...

Cuddling your crying infant in bed at 6:30 in the morning comes with such a mix of feelings and thoughts.
First, you are happy to be close when he is distressed.
Second, you think it would have been a good idea for infants to come with a volume knob so as to let poor sleeping husbands snag that last half hour of shut eye before getting ready for work.
Third, you are sure he isn't hungry and so it must be an upset tummy which makes you sad because you know what a belly that hurts so bad you want to scream feels like. You are hoping that he is working it out and the distress will pass.
Of course, then it does pass and you are now the one in distress while your infant becomes completely silent feeling much better immediately. And you must wake the sleeping husband by saying, "Help! Help! I need help!" Upon waking, said husband begins to chuckle and looks around for a way to help. He finds a burp cloth and, still giggling, begins wiping the poo off of your breast, stomach and leg.
But at least you get a shower out of the deal... :)