Monday, June 22, 2009

The Party


Oh, what a wonderful time we had!! Thank you all for making the day so special. It was amazing to have you all there, we felt wrapped in love and blessings. I think Senor will be typing up a little of what he said to share it with some special people who weren't able to attend and as soon as that happens, I will share it here as well. But for now, here are some images from the day. I will put up the rest of them on flikr throughout the day. If you took any please, please, share them with us!


Naming Party 007

Naming Party 045


And after the party- all worn out from being perfectly sweet and resting in so many adoring arms- our little Bug, drunk on love.

Naming party 136

Many thanks to Jeremy and my Dad for the pictures, Azafran for hosting and providing a devine brunch and Jay for his special blessing and sitar playing!

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Cindy said...

Good times! What a nice party. Thank you so much for inviting us. It's wonderful to be a part of Em Bug's growing up.