Monday, June 29, 2009

Water week and other fun


So last week consisted of two days with only a dribble of water followed by a few emails sent by Senor to the Mayor, a Council woman, the neighborhood list serves and the company handling the water project in our area (to be fair I had already called 311 to find out if the City could help me or tell me when we might get water back and only gotten a rude response saying I should be grateful I have any water at all.) Then, only thirty minutes after Senor sent the emails he received phone calls back and only ten minutes after that a very large man was standing on our doorstep with wrench. He bent down to walk through the door and our water was restored.
Then we had two blissful days of perfect water.
Sunday morning Senor turned on the faucet to discover no hot water. He went to investigate and found that we had plenty of water in the basement. So much that it had put out the pilot light and flooded our "wine cellar". So everything that was in the water got moved outside. And then back in. And then upstairs this morning. Whew. It makes me tired just writing it and I moved hardly anything because I was on Bug duty. And this morning a guy came over and replaced the hot water heater and then two other guys came over to clean/dry/replace the carpet that got soaked in the flood. I have to say I am so surprised. I am used to work like that being done after much schedule adjustment and many, many days after you actually need it finished.

In between all of that we also got new neighbors. Luckily they were kind enough to let us use their shower. And they played with the Bug a little too.

new neighbor

So that was more moving for Senor...

Lui futaco

But we did have fun going to the market and seeing Hula-hoop guy:

hula hoops

Changing the Bug in the median, I mean, "park":

Median change

Harvesting our overgrown but still pretty cauliflower:

over grown cauliflower

All in all, not so bad besides all the money and time invested for the water problems. And Senor even stayed home today to take care of the basement problems so the Bug and I get a long weekend with the Papa. Yay!


Mom A said...

Is that Jeremy in that futon?
Your dad plans to drive up and pick you you will be getting a telephone call at some point.

kayla_d said...

Just discovered your blog, and I've enjoyed reading your recent posts! It sounds like our babies were born about the same time--My Cora is 9 weeks old.
Glad to hear your water issues are resolved!