Monday, May 27, 2013

Sissie at 4 Months~


Sissie at 4 months

: Are so rolly polly and squishy.  Everyone loves to cuddle you. (You weigh over 15lbs already!)
: Have big smiles and sparkling eyes for everyone.
: Still love to sleep!
: Are getting so firm and strong.  You do baby crunches trying to sit up and mini push ups when you are on your belly.
: Are ticklish by your collarbones and on your jaw.  You giggle so sweetly.
: Are so curious.  You already get distracted while nursing and really prefer a quiet lay down for eating.
: Look like you'd really like to eat some food at the dinner table.
: Are holding onto small toys and getting them to your mouth and infront of your eyes to inspect them.
: Suck loudly on your fits after attacking them.  You also suck the fingers and like them better than the pacifier now.
: Are all healed up from the lip and tongue revision.  Nursing is much better for me and you have the hiccups a lot less.  And your weight gain has been amazing.
: Like to eat your dress.
: Just started blowing raspberries.
: Crack me up.  Your face is so expressive and I just love "talking" and playing with you.
: Now like to "talk" while you are eating.  This makes everyone giggle.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ups and downs

This boy is quite a conundrum to me.  I spend a lot of time trying to find a better way to deal with each and every thing with him.  We read books and articles, ask other parents for advice in what seems like an endless cycle of never ending work.  I've never worked harder for a relationship.  In fact, I wouldn't dream of working this hard for anyone who wasn't my child.

 After a couple very serious events I finally called in for help.  Today was our first session with a counselor and also turned out to be an ideal day of parenting for me.  Play and work happened side by side, everything went smoothly, even the bumps.  No one yelled and no one fought.  It was amazing.

That isn't to say that other days haven't gone that way.  Last week we had six days straight without too much drama.  The last three days have been closer to hell.  This is a much improved ratio already and I am hoping (beyond hope, really) that it is his age and the parenting tricks working synergisticly.  I know you have to readjust your tactics often with little ones, but I haven't been keeping up at all lately.  I've been sinking deeper and deeper into the mire.

The amazing thing is that I know, under the arguing lunatic and past the demanding ogre and behind the defiant gremlin, is a kid I really like.   A kid who is fun and charming and brilliant and sweet.  But those other guys have been crowding him out.  I'm hoping and praying that nice kid is pushing his way out to come and play and stay more often than not.  I need him.  I love him.  I am too worn down to figure it out on my own anymore.  I'm glad for help.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Indoor fun

This morning Emerson and I had a chance to have some "school" time.  Our good friends got him a science experiment kit and we've been exploring chemicals and reactions.
After that, since Sissie was asleep we decided to draw some letters and color and cut.  These kind of activities don't often last long but somehow this morning we were both in the groove and we sat together for nearly and hour.  The results weren't all that unique but the time was so special I am still surprised about how much fun we had.  Emerson can spell out his name with only a little sound-it-out help and he easily reads letters.  Recently we told him what signs with a circle and line through it means and he tells me all the time what they say.  Senor almost fell down the other day when E said, "Why is there no smoking allowed here?" It was awesome.

Anyway, now we have little door decorations.  It's about time we started acting like we live in this house.