Monday, May 27, 2013

Sissie at 4 Months~


Sissie at 4 months

: Are so rolly polly and squishy.  Everyone loves to cuddle you. (You weigh over 15lbs already!)
: Have big smiles and sparkling eyes for everyone.
: Still love to sleep!
: Are getting so firm and strong.  You do baby crunches trying to sit up and mini push ups when you are on your belly.
: Are ticklish by your collarbones and on your jaw.  You giggle so sweetly.
: Are so curious.  You already get distracted while nursing and really prefer a quiet lay down for eating.
: Look like you'd really like to eat some food at the dinner table.
: Are holding onto small toys and getting them to your mouth and infront of your eyes to inspect them.
: Suck loudly on your fits after attacking them.  You also suck the fingers and like them better than the pacifier now.
: Are all healed up from the lip and tongue revision.  Nursing is much better for me and you have the hiccups a lot less.  And your weight gain has been amazing.
: Like to eat your dress.
: Just started blowing raspberries.
: Crack me up.  Your face is so expressive and I just love "talking" and playing with you.
: Now like to "talk" while you are eating.  This makes everyone giggle.

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