Monday, January 17, 2011

What he is into:

Everything.  I know I have mentioned that the Bug is a climber but I need you to know I am not kidding.  He now, with no assistance, climbs up the back of the highchair and into the seat.  "Eat!" he says.  Really?  You're hungry?  Couldna' guessed!

Clementine Eating

His favorite thing the eat is a clementine.   He will push the chair over the the sideboard and reach over, grab a clementine and sit down and peel and eat it.  He would eat them until there were none left.  We have had to limit to only one a day because the digestive system of a nearly two year old can only take so much citrus. 

Clementine Eating

Also, he tells me, "Paint!"  And expects that instantly, instantly! a paper will be taped to the table with the paints all set up and the paint smock on and brushes will materialize in his hands.  "Bue!" he calls every color for a few times until it sinks in that if that is what he says every time that is what he will get.  "Ohgg!" he demands, "Purp! Een!" he cries.  Frantic to have all the colors in a big lump in front of him.  and then- Rip!!!  Down the center of the paper and painting time is done.  It lasted a frenzied three minutes.  Glorious!  Now we get to do the super fun task of WASHING!!! the paint brushes.  Delight!

Do you think there are a lot of exclamation marks in that last paragraph?  Me too.  Too many, but it is what it feels like.

Then he is on to banging.  Especially on glass, and oh, it makes us behave frantically.  I am sure I would do it over and over again just to watch the parents jump too.  The fun part of banging is he now will "play" the guitar (ticka ticka!) while I sing his favorite song (Twinkle, twinkle) rock star style.  We can do this for a solid three minutes before it is time to move on the the next activity. 

Weirdly, wonderfully, he is slowing down with reading even more and we can read longer and wordier books all the way through very often.  We read Zen Ties almost everyday and often George and Martha and/or The Frog and Toad going through multiple stories in each of those.  This is good because it can take up to 30 minutes before he loses interest.  I feel really bad that I don't take him outside most days but it really has only been above freezing a handful of times in the last month.  I make a point of getting outside the minute it hits 38 degrees.  But that is still really cold for both of us.  The last time I took him to the playground he played for a few minutes, fell a whole lot an then went and got in the stroller.  He was done.  "Go."

Speaking of falling makes me remember the other super funny thing he is doing right now.  He lays down on the bed or floor and pretends to fall a long way.  Sort of Alice in Wonderland like.  He rolls around and says, "Faaaallllll!" in a kind of slow extended way.  This is hilarious.  What a great game for a person who spends a significant amount of his time falling.  No fear.  For real.


I hope you are all well!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Senor's Gift

I've made about a bajillion things I should have shown you all but I was waiting until after the holidays.  I've really had the itch to crochet, perhaps because I have been so cold.

I made another Acorn Cap but for an adult ( a special order) and sent it off to live in Spain with out getting a picture of it.  It was done in a darker colorway of that amazing Cascade Yarn - Eco Duo Yarn.
This one is called Chicory.  Yum!  I had a bit left over after that and used it to make Senor's Christmas gift.  (He requested a hat.  How sweet!)  I had some yarn from the Bug's cap so I used that as well.  Now we look like a match set. (I love that yarn so much I made myself an infinity scarf with it in an amazing lace pattern.  It is blocking right now.  If we really get the snow they are talking about maybe I can get a pretty picture of it tomorrow.)

Senor's hat

John seems to like the hat.  These pictures don't do the yarn justice.  I made the lighter part first and then added the darker edging and cap.  Nothing spectacular but it was a really different way to build a hat.  I hooked into just the back loop when adding the darker bits so there is that knit like rim at either edge of the light stripe. 

We dream of one day living someplace where we can have an alpaca.  I think I would spend a lot of time hugging it.  We both grin like idiots whenever discussing the prospect.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bug Update ~ (20 months)

Here is another in between update I thought I should do so I'll remember all these things later.

First- Language!

He is really putting things together and picking up all kinds of new words.  I was counting today and think he has 30 to 40 words right now.  I remember reading somewhere that around 50 children really explode and start making all kinds of new connections really quickly (though I may be making that up).  I am going to list all the words I can think of that he is using.  Feel free to skip all this:

fall (he uses this a lot :)
porridge (sounds like pooge)
cat (finally, yesterday it changed from cock to cat, whew)
carry (co-y)
more (with the hand sign often)
apple (ap!)
ma (finally.  this started about a week ago)
turtle (turt)
two and five through 10
green (een)
banana (manana)
roar (for lion or tiger)
bear (bea)
Deedle (do)
Abu (the giraffe)
bunny (bun)
guitar (ticka ticka)
dog (daw)
diaper (diap)
elbow (bow!)
fish (ish)
light (ight)
caw caw (for bird)
no (of course!)

Okay- so more like 50-60 words.  Wow!  He is quite the chatter box and just goes on and on most of the time.  Soon we'll be having out right conversations.  If he can't get you to understand what he wants or doesn't have the time to try he just grabs your hand and takes you to where or what it is.  Like the other day my friend Rachel was over with her two year old and two month old.  Our neighbor Jill was also visiting.  E went over and took Jill's hand and brought her to sit by the baby with him.  As if to say, "Have you seen this thing yet?  It's cool!"

Next- Physical!

This morning I looked into the dining room just in time to see E sit down in his high chair unassisted.  How? you may ask.  Take the high chair over to the arm chair, climb the back rungs on the high chair to get onto the seat of the arm chair.  Dive over the back of said high chair face first onto the tray.  Wiggle around until in proper seated position.  Wait for Papa to come strap you in a give you a bowl of porridge.
There are a lot of things that happen like this.  I never know where he'll be when I leave him somewhere for a couple of minutes.  All surfaces, not matter how high should be cleared of anything breakable (and everything is breakable.)  All things (pillows, toys, toy boxes, cats, mamas, etc) are step stools.  Last week we had a few nicer days (you know, in the 40's) and so we were able to really get outside. Today we haven't been so lucky.  Days like this make for really exhaustive entertainment.  And now, with the computer down we can't even use Elmo for a fifteen or thirty minute break...

So there you go.  A little window into life with a crazy (cute) small person.