Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Senor's Gift

I've made about a bajillion things I should have shown you all but I was waiting until after the holidays.  I've really had the itch to crochet, perhaps because I have been so cold.

I made another Acorn Cap but for an adult ( a special order) and sent it off to live in Spain with out getting a picture of it.  It was done in a darker colorway of that amazing Cascade Yarn - Eco Duo Yarn.
This one is called Chicory.  Yum!  I had a bit left over after that and used it to make Senor's Christmas gift.  (He requested a hat.  How sweet!)  I had some yarn from the Bug's cap so I used that as well.  Now we look like a match set. (I love that yarn so much I made myself an infinity scarf with it in an amazing lace pattern.  It is blocking right now.  If we really get the snow they are talking about maybe I can get a pretty picture of it tomorrow.)

Senor's hat

John seems to like the hat.  These pictures don't do the yarn justice.  I made the lighter part first and then added the darker edging and cap.  Nothing spectacular but it was a really different way to build a hat.  I hooked into just the back loop when adding the darker bits so there is that knit like rim at either edge of the light stripe. 

We dream of one day living someplace where we can have an alpaca.  I think I would spend a lot of time hugging it.  We both grin like idiots whenever discussing the prospect.

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Matt said...

I really like the colors. Also, John looks like a happy model.