Monday, January 17, 2011

What he is into:

Everything.  I know I have mentioned that the Bug is a climber but I need you to know I am not kidding.  He now, with no assistance, climbs up the back of the highchair and into the seat.  "Eat!" he says.  Really?  You're hungry?  Couldna' guessed!

Clementine Eating

His favorite thing the eat is a clementine.   He will push the chair over the the sideboard and reach over, grab a clementine and sit down and peel and eat it.  He would eat them until there were none left.  We have had to limit to only one a day because the digestive system of a nearly two year old can only take so much citrus. 

Clementine Eating

Also, he tells me, "Paint!"  And expects that instantly, instantly! a paper will be taped to the table with the paints all set up and the paint smock on and brushes will materialize in his hands.  "Bue!" he calls every color for a few times until it sinks in that if that is what he says every time that is what he will get.  "Ohgg!" he demands, "Purp! Een!" he cries.  Frantic to have all the colors in a big lump in front of him.  and then- Rip!!!  Down the center of the paper and painting time is done.  It lasted a frenzied three minutes.  Glorious!  Now we get to do the super fun task of WASHING!!! the paint brushes.  Delight!

Do you think there are a lot of exclamation marks in that last paragraph?  Me too.  Too many, but it is what it feels like.

Then he is on to banging.  Especially on glass, and oh, it makes us behave frantically.  I am sure I would do it over and over again just to watch the parents jump too.  The fun part of banging is he now will "play" the guitar (ticka ticka!) while I sing his favorite song (Twinkle, twinkle) rock star style.  We can do this for a solid three minutes before it is time to move on the the next activity. 

Weirdly, wonderfully, he is slowing down with reading even more and we can read longer and wordier books all the way through very often.  We read Zen Ties almost everyday and often George and Martha and/or The Frog and Toad going through multiple stories in each of those.  This is good because it can take up to 30 minutes before he loses interest.  I feel really bad that I don't take him outside most days but it really has only been above freezing a handful of times in the last month.  I make a point of getting outside the minute it hits 38 degrees.  But that is still really cold for both of us.  The last time I took him to the playground he played for a few minutes, fell a whole lot an then went and got in the stroller.  He was done.  "Go."

Speaking of falling makes me remember the other super funny thing he is doing right now.  He lays down on the bed or floor and pretends to fall a long way.  Sort of Alice in Wonderland like.  He rolls around and says, "Faaaallllll!" in a kind of slow extended way.  This is hilarious.  What a great game for a person who spends a significant amount of his time falling.  No fear.  For real.


I hope you are all well!


Anonymous said...

That is my bug!

Mom A said...

You made my day!

Kimberly said...

So, so cute! I recently started giving my son cut-up orange slices, but a clementine! What a tasty treat just the right size for small hands.