Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Block- Home


This is the completed block for the first month of the swap. I was really lucky because it worked out I was making the first one for my mother. Since the theme was "home" and I know what her home is like it was really easy to figure out what to make.
She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the Jefferson National Forest. You could have guessed right? :)
I have this book and get completely obsessed with a different quilt in it each time I open it. This technique is cutting curves with your rotary blade and then putting them together to form your blocks. Each cutting should give you two blocks which are the inverse of each other. I wanted to practice sewing curves and give this a try. I couldn't help the embroidery. It was itching to get out of my fingers... I want to improve my skill with this type of work but I really do love the little wonkyness of only loosely drawing what I am going for. I like that it looks hand drawn and handmade.
I am betting that the Contemporary Quilts book will come up a lot on these posts...

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Add your link in the comments if you are a swapper!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

At 11 months~

11 months


: want to hold fingers and walk everywhere.
: want to push the stroller.
: are learning about tight spaces.
: are learning about stairs.
: have to be chased down for a new diaper.
: are spending lots of time with fingers in the mouth.
: love the swings.
: are starting to climb up everything.
: sometimes let go and stand up for a few moments unassisted.
: love to be outside.
: are trying to switch to one long nap in the middle of the day.
: love curry and homemade veggie burgers.
: sit in the ergo on mama's back while she makes dinner almost every day.
: cry a lot more from frustration.
: sleep best in inchworm position.
: sleep crawl and move all over in your bed. Sometimes we find you half on, half off.
: have four teeth!

{if you click on the picture you can see the other picture I love right now. I sort of promised myself not to use any naked baby butt pictures on the blog out of deference for the young man he will someday become. I feel like this is a good compromise. Enjoy!}

Monday, March 22, 2010


LA 033

That's how the last few weeks have been. I have beautiful (I just typed beastiful, heheh) pictures I want to share from our trips and so much more but I can't seem to get a minute where I want to upload all of them and everything. There are so many (like almost 300 just from New Orleans)....
If you click on these you will see a few.

LA 024

E took our fingers and waltzed down the street like he's been doing it forever. He explored moss in the cemetery, and jumped on the bed in the hotel. We found every excuse to be outside and drink coffee. We enjoyed family before, during and after our trip. We celebrated our anniversary and are looking forward to many, many more!

LA 064

I should be back soon with pictures of this months quilt block.

LA 112

Thursday, March 4, 2010

little a Shop!!

Ladies and Gentlefish I am proud to announce.... a shop!

big cartel screen shot small

To inaugurate it I am working with Mel Yukna who started "My Share" on facebook. MyShare is a group of Baltimore area folks who want to eat local, shop local, support local. How cool is that?
The first offering in the shop has to do with just this idea. Cloth produce bags for taking to the market (or grocery store.) If you are like me, when you go to the market you go for many reasons and one of the biggest is feeling like you are doing your part to reduce consumption of fossil fuels by buying food grown near you instead of half way around the globe. And you find the most beautiful peaches or raspberries, your mouth is salivating imagining the deliciousness as you wait your turn to pay and the farmer dumps them into... a plastic bag! It's like someone took the needle off the record and ruined your perfect little moment. Well, no need to hear that icky scratching sound again! Now you can buy reusable cloth produce bags that are useful (gasp), attractive (gasp), and made by me (double gasp)!

produce bags

Okay, maybe it isn't that dramatic, but I have been thinking about this since last summer so it is a big deal for me.
So here is the skinny- The bags are up for a pre-order. This means you won't get them until the end of the month (which is really perfect, just in time for market season). They are drawstring bags about the size of the plastic produce bags you get at the grocery store and they come in sets of four. They will all be made from recycled fabrics which means they will all be unique. (The ones pictured are the bags I made for my household from tea towels my grandmother made for us years ago.) There are two options for purchase- one is a local pick up where you will meet me at the Waverly market at the end of the month and get your bags. This saves you the cost of shipping!! If you can't/don't want that option there is also a listing with shipping. (I don't have it set up yet for international shipping so if you are interested shoot me an email at littleanilia@gmail and I will figure out how much that would cost.) Also, you should know I will only be able to take so many orders for these to be done at the end of the month because, well, I am just me. So if you want them, get your orders in early!
I am going to say thanks right now to all of you who have pushed and asked for this from me. After I see how this goes I hope to start putting up custom order packages.