Thursday, January 29, 2009


Do you see that little ticker on the side over there? Does it look like it says something less than 100 to you?? That's what I thought it said... Can that be true? I am 26 weeks now- that is very nearly 7 months along. You all wont mind if I freak a bit about how fast time is moving will you?
I am not freaking out about actually having a baby (though perhaps I should be) and I am not freaking out about not having all the stuff I maybe should or whatever (though again, a saner person might be.) No, I am freaked out by time, which speeds up and slows down with no reason according to it's own schedule. Days drag on by and months fly. How is this possible?
I guess I really should get those parenting books I was thinking of and maybe I should be going to more (some) consignment places on the weekend so I can find the little things I know we need. And I keep thinking we should get away, just the two of us, one last time but I don't know how that could happen. This is so crazy. How is it coming so fast? (so slow?)
I have been thinking that instead of a baby shower I would love to have a garden party in April. We will invite all our friends, boys and girls and ask them to help us plant the flower garden on the side that I plan to spend as much time with this baby as possible and the vegetable garden in the back that I hope will feed us all summer while I don't work. So instead of getting things from all our dearest that the baby will grown out of so quickly we can get something that we can grow into. Am I crazy? Would you all be willing to do such a thing?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 months

belly almost 6 months

(Please ignore the mess. Focus on the belly...)

I took this last week-ish with the intent to share. So there you go, gratuitous belly shot.

This week since Thursday I have been battling it out with the flu. I sort of thought I was winning there for a bit but at the moment I am not convinced. At least the fever is over, but now if seems like the crud has moved into my chest. Perhaps to stay. Ugg. I do not recommend the whole pregnant and sick thing- Mom how did you do it?? I had to resort to thinking about Dengue fever and how horrible that would be so I could stand feeling so yuck.

I've actually been using that tactic a lot lately. I think, I am so cold and then I start thinking about homeless people and night shift road crews working on burst water lines. Of course this leads to being cold and feeling guilty about not delivering hot chocolate to the homeless as a profession. (Maybe I am still delusional...)

But speaking of night shift road crews- On Thursday night when the fever was the worst I was having this ultra strange dream/delusion (because what I was doing hardly qualified as sleeping.) First, you have to know in real life there was a water main break on the street that runs along the side of our house. This happened a few days ago and since it has been freezing and snowing two blocks have steadily been transforming into an ice rink while the city let the water continue to pour out. There was actually a van that was parked there the whole time. I have no idea if they would have been able to leave if they wanted as the tires appeared to be frozen the the ground and the doors were certainly iced shut. Anyway, on Thursday night they finally sent a crew out to deal with it. With jack hammers and generators all night long... So you know, that always makes for pleasant sleeping conditions.

Anyway, my delusion was that this work crew had to flip the whole city while we are all asleep. They have a "ghost" of the city and since the current city is broken (you can tell by the water gushing down the street) they will just reset our city for this other one and everything will go on. And they need jackhammers and whatnot to make this happen (it is amazing what you can convince yourself in dreamland...)

All of this would have been just fine except that I kept waking up. At first I slept three hours and then two and then one and then every thirty minutes I was up and just begging myself to go to sleep in between. And every time I woke up I wasn't sure if I was in the right city or if they had in fact made the flip. Which was very important and panic inducing not to know. Even while I knew that it was a dream I was freaking out about.

Anyway, Friday night I got smarter and after I couldn't sleep I went to the basement and put on Planet Earth and slept a little with that playing. At least those delusions were prettier... And far less panicky so 5am came a little swifter and much more gently.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemade goodness

Our good friends got married yesterday and gave us the excuse to make cool things for them. We both really got into the making.

I am going to assume that by now they have gotten to the important part of being married known as opening a bunch of presents from your super cool friends. And if they haven't and you are them then get to it!

I have had the idea since I heard they were getting married that Cindy should get a really cool apron. She loves to cook and is great at it and sometimes it is kind of funny because cooking is thought of as domestic and homey but she is a totally rockin' chick. Sort of like me and sewing and how that doesn't quite seem to go together sometimes... Anyway thinking about this dichotomy I came up with the idea that on one side the apron should be sweet and french and kind of romantic and the other side might be more- let's say aggressive...

I saw this Japanese fabric and knew it was perfect but by the time I was ready to get it I could only find it direct from an independent seller in Japan! But nothing else would do so I ordered it and when I saw it in person I knew I had made the right choice. Isn't it fantastic?! The Japanese really do awesome cotton prints. (Click on the picture to see it bigger and check out the shops along the street. The cuteness is really too much!)

Cindy's Apron

For the other side I had a lot of options in red but fewer in pink which is what I really wanted it to be. I think this turned out just right.

Cindy's Apron

The icing on the project was getting to use some of Cindy's grandmother's lace on the trim which Cindy gave me in a big box of things earlier in the year. I also have to give it up to Lotta Jansdotter again for putting out a book from which I have made at least five projects and all of them have been successful. They are all simple and graceful and useful (which is really the best as I don't seem to be able to make things when I can't see them getting used.)

The second part is super funny if you know Matt and Cindy. Seńor made this totally awesome, completely personalized card for them. (The snow people and cloud are cut out and set up off the card with foam.)

Card for Cindy and Matt

Yay for homemade goodness!

* the apron actually is very flattering if you don't have a big belly in the way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Now that I got that off my chest... or What Sunday mornings look like

I can get on to the post that I have been trying to make since Sunday. Everyday this week we have had some kind of responsibility in the evening until now! Yay for Fridays!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my world:

Last Sunday morning was spent in bed goofing. We had both been out late Saturday night and I didn't get out of bed until about 1pm. I did eat and play with the dog and take pictures and sleep some more- just all from bed!

sunday morning view

This is what it looks like from my bed. With the green cover on it you amlost feel like you could drift away into the lotus blossoms.

oh, the cuteness

This little one makes sure you don't drift too far before allowing her a romp in the yard and fresh bowl of food.


And don't forget the kisses and belly rubs...

my dearest love

But this is my favorite. Not because we look so beautiful or because the picture is all that great but it reminds me of the love and calm in this house and that makes me so happy I could burst.

Beware- ranting ahead!

Whew! Can I tell you something? (Of course I can, you just don’t have to read…) Do any of you remember when travel was cheap? I just can’t get over how I used to feel like a flight to where-ever was far cheaper than the time and expense of driving. And now?! Wow, no matter how hard I look and how many sites I check nothing seems affordable. Jeremy, Senor, do you remember when we went to the Bahamas and it cost about $400 each? Senor, do you remember Ireland for $550 each?! And that was with airfare and car and lodging!! I mean seriously. That wasn’t that long ago. I am not old enough for it to have been that long ago…

I have no idea how to come to terms with this either. Travel feeling so far out of my reach is terrible. I feel stuck here in freezing land with no ability to get out. I have always been in love with movement and change. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am also a homebody. But I love to get away. It is always so much fun to leave and so wonderful to come home after wards. And generally, the parts in the middle are pretty awesome too.

Okay, I just had to get that out of me. Argg!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

A pretty tree and some gross stuff

a walk in the woods

I've been working on making a post for at least a week now. And by "working" I mean "thinking" and not actually "doing" anything at all.

I really want to change the banner at the top but always find reasons not to do it. But some of my excuses are pretty good. Like this one:

Two nights ago I was really sick which sucked because it was the first day we had been home and I wasn't getting ready for a party at our house the whole vacation. I was so sick that I had to wake up Seńor and ask him to clean up for me because I could not figure out how to get the wall clean. Yeah, that bad... He took it like a champ and said it was good training for having a baby. Can you believe what saint I married??

Ugg, so anyway, I woke up this morning feeling about 1000 times better. Do you ever remember the day after getting over some illness feeling so incredibly well? Maybe I have been sick more than most but this feeling of well-being is always so surprising and welcome. I wanted to jump up and down with happiness at 6am and that is really saying something.

Of course by 2pm I was tired and now, I am just typing so I don't go to bed before 8pm...

In happier, slightly less gross news, the baby seems to have joined a rock band and is practicing it's slam-dancing for the next big show. I think I may have gotten a jumping bean... You can just watch it slide from one side to the other. Very weird...

We start our yoga birth class this week so I am sure I will have more grossness to share soon. Hope you all had lovely holidays, I know we did!