Monday, January 5, 2009

A pretty tree and some gross stuff

a walk in the woods

I've been working on making a post for at least a week now. And by "working" I mean "thinking" and not actually "doing" anything at all.

I really want to change the banner at the top but always find reasons not to do it. But some of my excuses are pretty good. Like this one:

Two nights ago I was really sick which sucked because it was the first day we had been home and I wasn't getting ready for a party at our house the whole vacation. I was so sick that I had to wake up Seńor and ask him to clean up for me because I could not figure out how to get the wall clean. Yeah, that bad... He took it like a champ and said it was good training for having a baby. Can you believe what saint I married??

Ugg, so anyway, I woke up this morning feeling about 1000 times better. Do you ever remember the day after getting over some illness feeling so incredibly well? Maybe I have been sick more than most but this feeling of well-being is always so surprising and welcome. I wanted to jump up and down with happiness at 6am and that is really saying something.

Of course by 2pm I was tired and now, I am just typing so I don't go to bed before 8pm...

In happier, slightly less gross news, the baby seems to have joined a rock band and is practicing it's slam-dancing for the next big show. I think I may have gotten a jumping bean... You can just watch it slide from one side to the other. Very weird...

We start our yoga birth class this week so I am sure I will have more grossness to share soon. Hope you all had lovely holidays, I know we did!

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cindy said...

Baby! I get to see you soon!