Friday, June 28, 2013







This place we chose to live in on such short notice has surpised me over and over with its beauty.  The sounds of birds in the morning, the sounds of children playing all afternoon.  Flowers and freshness and friendliness all wrapped up perfectly to be a balm to the soul after such a big move. 

With the exception of the spider population which seems never ending and widely varied all the flora and fauna has been delightful.  A wild turkey in the yard today, some baby opossums hanging in the tree the other day.  And the planting here are so lovely I just wanted to share.  To be able to really spend some time outside the house has been a dream come true.  To have great children for E to play with, a blessing.  Surrounded by beauty.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sissie at 5 Months~


Sissie 5 Months

: Have a little cold and the coughing and sneezing is rather pathetic.  Thoough it does seem like the sneezing is funny to you.
: Smile and cuddle everyone.
: Weighed 16lbs, 9 ounces a couple days ago.  Slow down little lady!!!
: Have claws I can hardly keep trimmed!
: Grab for or eyeball my dinner every night.  I had been thinking of holding off on feeding you veggies , but I am guessing you won't give me the option soon.
: Push and pull yourself around in circles on the floor.
: Are sweaty!  It's a good thing it isn't actually hot here much.
: Have found your voice and are LOUD.
: Give out smiles from across the room.
: Still sleep through the night.
: Are grabbing onto your toys and study them intently.
: Have discovered the jumper and hammock time.
: Are putting everything in your mouth including your feet.

We just want to squish you all the time.  Emerson runs when he hears you wake up from a nap and wants to take care of you himself.  We love you so much!

Wearing it Out

skirt fix

This is a skirt I am sure I never wrote about because it turned out way to big.  I just took the elastic in 5 inches though and now it is as dreamy as I envisioned.  A double layer of vintage voile with vintage lace trim. I did the side seams french even though they have a slight curve.  It is loosely from the pattern in Simple Modern Sewing.

The bag is from this post, which is always pretty high up on the hit list.  I was looking around at all the items still in rotation that I've made in the last five or six years.  This bag, one of the first (the first??) gets used daily at the gym.  These towels are looking pretty bad but still are holding up. (I miss that kitty.)  This pillow case is often on E's bed.  There are other things floating around, clothes and linens and quilts.  I love that so much, being surrounded by lovely handmade items full of effort and mistakes.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fabric Shower Curtains

Hemlock pinecones

I can't believe it took me 32 years to realize that a fabric shower curtain was the way to go.  Pair it with these curtain hooks and you have something super easy to keep clean.  I blame that I had a shower with glass doors for it taking so long for me to figure out this simple solution to one of life's constant problems. :)

 The Usual Suspects

Anjali is finally big enough to wear the dresses I made at my sewing retreat and now I am itching to make more things for her for the Fall and winter.  She is growing so fast- too fast!  Already wearing 6 month clothes and sitting in the jumper and giggling and being so funny and screachy.  I just want to eat her up every day.


Emerson gets better every day too.  More and more peace finds the way into our daily lives and I couldn't be more grateful for it.  I try to be more peaceful.  I try more loving approaches.  And now that I am not so totally exhausted by constant fighting I occasionally succeed.  Daily challenges, in every moment, taken one at a time are so much easier than the build up of the unrelenting.


My fingers are itching for new yarn.  My mother is coming for her birthday to take a weaving class next weekend!  I can't wait to take and share pictures.  Hopefully we will have something beautiful at the end!

Looking Up

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Our days aren't all drama.  :)  Many days are as graceful as can happen with a new four year old and a new four month old.  The counselor that we went to see a couple times tells me that Emerson is just super bright and right in line with his age.  This makes me feel better.  Happy that he is where he needs to be, happy that, even in my regular failure, this is the "normal" challenge.  I am adopting Anne of Green Gables idea: Tomorrow is always new, with no mistakes in it.


Also happy for the support of family and friends.  Happy that there is family so close and friends that understand the place we are at right now.  Near and far, the calls and emails after my last post about him were so wonderful, so needed, and so full of kindness.


We also found a pre-school co-op that I think we'll be joining this Fall.  I can hardly wait.  We met the other day and played with them most of the morning.  The teacher is so graceful, so gentle in her way of helping the children.  We were both in love by the time we left.  The class spends most of the time outside in the woods or garden.  It is lovely, lovely.


Anjali rolled over the other day for the first time.  She is so strong and big.  I love how much E still loves her.  How kind and sweet he is to her, kissing her and touching her gently so often.  He wanted to watch her roll over too.  Waiting as long as he could before moving off to his own play again.  It melts my heart.