Sunday, June 2, 2013


Our days aren't all drama.  :)  Many days are as graceful as can happen with a new four year old and a new four month old.  The counselor that we went to see a couple times tells me that Emerson is just super bright and right in line with his age.  This makes me feel better.  Happy that he is where he needs to be, happy that, even in my regular failure, this is the "normal" challenge.  I am adopting Anne of Green Gables idea: Tomorrow is always new, with no mistakes in it.


Also happy for the support of family and friends.  Happy that there is family so close and friends that understand the place we are at right now.  Near and far, the calls and emails after my last post about him were so wonderful, so needed, and so full of kindness.


We also found a pre-school co-op that I think we'll be joining this Fall.  I can hardly wait.  We met the other day and played with them most of the morning.  The teacher is so graceful, so gentle in her way of helping the children.  We were both in love by the time we left.  The class spends most of the time outside in the woods or garden.  It is lovely, lovely.


Anjali rolled over the other day for the first time.  She is so strong and big.  I love how much E still loves her.  How kind and sweet he is to her, kissing her and touching her gently so often.  He wanted to watch her roll over too.  Waiting as long as he could before moving off to his own play again.  It melts my heart.

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