Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wearing it Out

skirt fix

This is a skirt I am sure I never wrote about because it turned out way to big.  I just took the elastic in 5 inches though and now it is as dreamy as I envisioned.  A double layer of vintage voile with vintage lace trim. I did the side seams french even though they have a slight curve.  It is loosely from the pattern in Simple Modern Sewing.

The bag is from this post, which is always pretty high up on the hit list.  I was looking around at all the items still in rotation that I've made in the last five or six years.  This bag, one of the first (the first??) gets used daily at the gym.  These towels are looking pretty bad but still are holding up. (I miss that kitty.)  This pillow case is often on E's bed.  There are other things floating around, clothes and linens and quilts.  I love that so much, being surrounded by lovely handmade items full of effort and mistakes.

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