Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sissie at 5 Months~


Sissie 5 Months

: Have a little cold and the coughing and sneezing is rather pathetic.  Thoough it does seem like the sneezing is funny to you.
: Smile and cuddle everyone.
: Weighed 16lbs, 9 ounces a couple days ago.  Slow down little lady!!!
: Have claws I can hardly keep trimmed!
: Grab for or eyeball my dinner every night.  I had been thinking of holding off on feeding you veggies , but I am guessing you won't give me the option soon.
: Push and pull yourself around in circles on the floor.
: Are sweaty!  It's a good thing it isn't actually hot here much.
: Have found your voice and are LOUD.
: Give out smiles from across the room.
: Still sleep through the night.
: Are grabbing onto your toys and study them intently.
: Have discovered the jumper and hammock time.
: Are putting everything in your mouth including your feet.

We just want to squish you all the time.  Emerson runs when he hears you wake up from a nap and wants to take care of you himself.  We love you so much!

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