Monday, May 25, 2009

At Four Weeks

emerson four weeks 024
(Click on the picture for more cuteness.)

At four weeks you wake twice most nights, once around 2-3:30 and again at 4:30-6.
You still fold your legs up lotus style most of the time.
Your hair is so soft and out of control in the sweetest way in the back.
Your eyelashes keep getting longer and fuller.
You grab for everything within reach.
You snort when you get upset.
You make lots of noise in your sleep.
You sneeze and hiccup a lot.
You burp best for your papa.
You often hold your ear or cheek while nursing.
You point your index finger a lot.
You make the cutest anime-style smile with perfect half crescent eyes and a wide open half circle mouth.
Your arms and legs are getting chubby.
People often comment on how beautiful you are.
Oh little Emerson, you are a delight. I call you the Bug and my zen baby. If tomorrow you wake up and decide to be fussier or harder to get to sleep or more difficult in any way I want to thank you for these first four weeks of gentle break in for your completely inexperienced parents.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah Friday...

Emerson week 3 smiles

I love Fridays. It means the weekend is coming and on the weekend I get to hang out with my wonderful husband, we spend more time making better food, we get to go to the farmers market, we may play in the yard. And today is the first plan old summer feeling day since the Bug came. Not too hot yet, just feeling perfect to me.
Last night we had dinner on the porch for the first time in a while. The last times I really remember eating on the porch are right before we knew I was pregnant. When I thought I might be but was trying hard not to anticipate. Because what did I know about any of that? And then the first trimester ate up my memories of the end of summer last year...
So anyway, yesterday before making (or at least starting) that lovely dinner I took care of the laundry and did the dishes. Today during the naps I haven't done anything like that. I have been sewing... Can you believe it? I have made three log cabin blocks; cut, sewn and pressed! I am only back here by the Bug because he was fussing more and more over the monitor and I figured he was bound to wake up any minute and I didn't want to have to jog two flights of stairs with him in a panic.
So this weekend I may actually finish the pillow cover that I have been thinking about since we got home from the hospital. And then, I may actually show you all pictures of it. Pretty swanky, eh?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baking, Changing, Growing

As further indoctrination into motherhood I suddenly understood last night that all the baking that seems to go on when you have littles is really because mama has a craving and doesn't want to go to the store. So lets see, what do we have on hand? Almost enough chocolate chips and some currants to make up the rest? Perfect!


Also, early this week the Bug lost his last reminder of the direct connection he had to me for nine months. And now he has an adorable little bellybutton instead. Yay! Honestly the cord didn't bother us too much as it was mostly covered up by the giant cloth diapers but it was oozey every few days as it let loose a little more. I was changing him at a restaurant when it fell off and I had a twinge of guilt about throwing it in a public trash can. As if throwing it in my own trash can would make it more sacred... Yeah, then I got over it. :)

belly button 007

And also, just to show we aren't all baby, all the time, look at our lettuce! There is something very satisfying about picking your own lettuce out of your own yard and making salad... Yummy!

lettuce 5.9

Friday, May 15, 2009


emerson week 2 025, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.

Don't you just want to give him a million kisses?

In other news, I got a library card and I am getting very excited to use our library. I have been wanting to use it for a while but our local branch has hours like a banker so it isn't very conducive to use by working people. But now that it is just Emerson and I all day long... I think we are going on Monday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bug bits

These last few days it has been grandparent central around here.

emerson week 2 019

emerson week 2 054

emerson week 2 070

They were playing "Pass the Baby" and helping us out a whole, whole bunch! Thank you all and come again soon!

The cat, on the other hand, is not helping at all...

emerson week 2 062

If you click on any of those pictures you can see more super cuteness. Because he is the cutersons.

Also a big huge thanks for my Grammie, Grampie and Aunties for the box of goodies we got last week! Emerson is wearing all those great newborn things right now since we had only a couple things to fit him before your gifts arrived. I should have taken a picture of everything before it got absorbed...

We sure do love the mail right now (I mean, I have always been very romantic about it) and every day I am excited to see what's in it. Thanks to everyone who has sent a card, gift or flowers. We sure are basking in all the love!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

This morning I hustled everyone (my parents and Senor's mom are all here) out the door to make it to Miss Shirley's to beat the crowd for breakfast. Mmmm, fried green tomatoes and other goodness! We got there just in time to get a seat without waiting even with the news crew set up outside.

Since E is so small most of the clothes we have for him don't fit yet so I have been itching to make him a shirt that has the little hand covers so we can slow down the face scratching. I had the perfect fabric from some of Cindy's grandmother's stash and Senor had picked up some fancy red jeweled snaps. With a little help from some tutorials (here and here) I made up a pattern for a knit with long sleeves, hand covers and snaps. My mother helped confirm my geometry and I was off. The results are okay, they need a little tweeking but I think it will work. Here is the prototype.

Kimono shirt prototype

Kimono shirt prototype

Scott and Sharon brought by crepes and flowers which were promptly devoured (the crepes, not the flowers.) (Thank you!) Everyone was hungry at the same time so we all had a little help. This is what they meant when they said "food chain" right? Can you see the pretty hearts my mother got me for my first mother's day?

food chain

And just because it is a great picture, here is a little gratuitous dog in the clover shot.

Zo in clover

Mom and Senor just went off to the plant store to try and get some dirt and figure out a pest control situation for our cauliflower. Maybe I will get to garden update I have been thinking of. Our planties are coming along nicely.

Happy Mother's Day to you all too!
(ps- thanks to Dad for the pictures!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nine days old

emerson day 9 003
The pediatrician hasn't called us so I think we are in the clear with the jaundice. And yesterday we were basically up to birth weight again. Yay!
This morning we made a mad quick dash to the midwife for some hands on breastfeeding tweaking. I knew what we were doing was almost right and that the only way to correct it was with a little guidance. I can't tell you how happy my nipples are for the help.
Senor is out walking the dog for the first time since we've been home. It has been raining nonstop so he is taking advantage of the break this afternoon. Poor, sweet dog. Have you seen these feets? Ahh! The cuteness is hurting me!
I still can't get over how much I love this little guy and how beautiful he is. I love also knowing that I get to stay with him all summer. I can't wait to be a little more recovered (and the rain to let up a bit) so we can stroll around the neighborhood identifying plants and enjoying sunshine.
on a tangent- Last night I was freezing and asking if we could bring a little heater in the bedroom and Senor said, "Ah, now you are officially not pregnant." Also yay!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Is it normal for newborns to breathe in time with music that is playing or is this baby going to be an amazing musician?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Because I am not really ready for full sentences yet:

Emerson day 3 and 4 001

A short list of thoughts

1. Two trips to the pediatrician in two days is too many. Emerson is a little jaundiced and he'll be fine if they would stop poking him.

2. I find myself wanting to do nothing but stare at him. No thinking, just staring.

3. I can't get over how thankful I am to the two women who stayed up all those hours with us during the labor. I always had someone whispering encouragement, holding my hand, prompting a question, pushing my hair back; whatever I needed. And I had known them prior to this for about an hour... Thank you Ellie and Christi!

4. Finally, I have the best husband on the planet. Because all I can keep up with is this tiny person and he isn't complaining about taking care of everything else.