Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

This morning I hustled everyone (my parents and Senor's mom are all here) out the door to make it to Miss Shirley's to beat the crowd for breakfast. Mmmm, fried green tomatoes and other goodness! We got there just in time to get a seat without waiting even with the news crew set up outside.

Since E is so small most of the clothes we have for him don't fit yet so I have been itching to make him a shirt that has the little hand covers so we can slow down the face scratching. I had the perfect fabric from some of Cindy's grandmother's stash and Senor had picked up some fancy red jeweled snaps. With a little help from some tutorials (here and here) I made up a pattern for a knit with long sleeves, hand covers and snaps. My mother helped confirm my geometry and I was off. The results are okay, they need a little tweeking but I think it will work. Here is the prototype.

Kimono shirt prototype

Kimono shirt prototype

Scott and Sharon brought by crepes and flowers which were promptly devoured (the crepes, not the flowers.) (Thank you!) Everyone was hungry at the same time so we all had a little help. This is what they meant when they said "food chain" right? Can you see the pretty hearts my mother got me for my first mother's day?

food chain

And just because it is a great picture, here is a little gratuitous dog in the clover shot.

Zo in clover

Mom and Senor just went off to the plant store to try and get some dirt and figure out a pest control situation for our cauliflower. Maybe I will get to garden update I have been thinking of. Our planties are coming along nicely.

Happy Mother's Day to you all too!
(ps- thanks to Dad for the pictures!)


Mom B said...

Thank you so much for letting me spend my first Grandmothers dad with the mom and dad of the most wonderful boy in the world. Well except for the Dad he was a pretty wonderful boy and a wonderful dad.


Mom Mom B

erica said...

Great photos-- Emerson's shirt looks so sweet! It's amazing how all clothes just swallow them up at first, and then they take off like weeds and fill everything out before you know it. =)

I was wearing my hearts today, too, and I wondered if your mom had gotten you some as well! Glad to know we're mommy twins now. Happy First Mother's Day!

sharon said...

Girl -Are you breastfeeding and holding the baby in one hand while holding water in the other hand and eating a crepe? Multitasking to its utmost :)