Monday, May 25, 2009

At Four Weeks

emerson four weeks 024
(Click on the picture for more cuteness.)

At four weeks you wake twice most nights, once around 2-3:30 and again at 4:30-6.
You still fold your legs up lotus style most of the time.
Your hair is so soft and out of control in the sweetest way in the back.
Your eyelashes keep getting longer and fuller.
You grab for everything within reach.
You snort when you get upset.
You make lots of noise in your sleep.
You sneeze and hiccup a lot.
You burp best for your papa.
You often hold your ear or cheek while nursing.
You point your index finger a lot.
You make the cutest anime-style smile with perfect half crescent eyes and a wide open half circle mouth.
Your arms and legs are getting chubby.
People often comment on how beautiful you are.
Oh little Emerson, you are a delight. I call you the Bug and my zen baby. If tomorrow you wake up and decide to be fussier or harder to get to sleep or more difficult in any way I want to thank you for these first four weeks of gentle break in for your completely inexperienced parents.


tedspeed said...

Cutest baby ever.

erica said...

So sweet. Lovely thoughts-- you'll adore reading this stuff later, so get it down now!

Mom Mom B said...

Emerson you are the cutest baby ever well except for you daddy but then again, you look a lot like your dadddy.... so I guess you are the cutest baby ever...

Mom A said...

Sweetness, sweetness I agree with Mamom! Pat you gotta tell me how to spell your Grandma name!!!

sharon said...

What a precious, perfect little thing... i agree with erica - it's so wonderful that you're writing all of these thoughts :)