Friday, May 15, 2009


emerson week 2 025, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.

Don't you just want to give him a million kisses?

In other news, I got a library card and I am getting very excited to use our library. I have been wanting to use it for a while but our local branch has hours like a banker so it isn't very conducive to use by working people. But now that it is just Emerson and I all day long... I think we are going on Monday.

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erica said...

Love the fabric sling. When E gets a little older, you should see if any libraries in your area have storytime for babies-- Kent and I went to it for several months, and all the kids got to play with rattles, sing songs in our laps, read board books, and meet some of their peers. Now we go to toddler storytime, which is a whole different, much more raucous ballgame. I love the outreach that libraries do, besides all the great books!