Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baking, Changing, Growing

As further indoctrination into motherhood I suddenly understood last night that all the baking that seems to go on when you have littles is really because mama has a craving and doesn't want to go to the store. So lets see, what do we have on hand? Almost enough chocolate chips and some currants to make up the rest? Perfect!


Also, early this week the Bug lost his last reminder of the direct connection he had to me for nine months. And now he has an adorable little bellybutton instead. Yay! Honestly the cord didn't bother us too much as it was mostly covered up by the giant cloth diapers but it was oozey every few days as it let loose a little more. I was changing him at a restaurant when it fell off and I had a twinge of guilt about throwing it in a public trash can. As if throwing it in my own trash can would make it more sacred... Yeah, then I got over it. :)

belly button 007

And also, just to show we aren't all baby, all the time, look at our lettuce! There is something very satisfying about picking your own lettuce out of your own yard and making salad... Yummy!

lettuce 5.9


Cindy said...

Belly button kisses! I would like to come see you one night this week. We can bake something together and make a yummy salad, eh?


sharon said...

I like how you used 'littles' as a noun :)