Sunday, February 24, 2008


So, we started with these:


They were $25 at the Salvation Army for the whole set. I had been looking for chairs to replace the ones we had in the dinning room and knew the going rate for new, nice chairs was $150 to $200 and I knew I didn't have that to spare... So I bought some Amy Butler fabric in a perfect blue and green (it is called "spinach" what could be better for my house?) some black enamel, and some foam.
And Seńor and I did this:

chair making 027

I think they are gorgeous. Seńor guesses if we sold them we would have to get about $300 a piece to make up time and materials... I love that I now have designer up cycled chairs. I have coordinating place mats and napkins on the way (they are getting held up in the sewing room due to the American Craft Council being in town.)

If you click on the pictures it will take you to flicker where you can see the steps of the transformation.


tedspeed said...

Whew! I'm glad we are done with that project, my knees are killing me. But at least now I have a nice chair to sit on and rest:P

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! They look good. I can hardly wait to see the placemats and napkins.

diber said...

Wow!! They are stunning!!! GOod job!!!

Katie said...

Love your chairs! Just gorgeous. Would love to see what you do with the placemats etc.

anilia said...

Thanks guys! It was a lot of work but I think totally worth it because I get to look at them and sit on them everyday.

kristin said...

your chairs are gorgeous!! that fabric is such a great choice.