Saturday, February 2, 2008


So this bag was supposed to be just a little tiny tote for the weekend when I didn't need all that other worky/gym stuff. Of course, that was how it started out...

My first mistake was trying to do homework when I was only half way done with the project. I was trying to give myself motivation to do twenty pages of reading and then I could take a break and finish sewing this simple little thing. But then, my eyes were scanning the pages and my mind saying each word but I was thinking of the handles of the tote. Then I was thinking of the base, how maybe if I sewed a little "T" at the bottom the felt would be strong enough to stand up... and maybe I didn't really like the dimensions, maybe it should fold over. then I could use it taller, or fold it over if I only had a wallet, phone and lip stick in there.... You see how there are no thoughts about psychology on this train?

So I put down the book and went over to sewing machine and after about 30 minutes I came out with this.

I think it is a adorable. I don't think it is a Lotta Jansdotter tote bag, I hope she won't mind that I had already drawn one of her little birds on there anyway...

(If you click on the picture it will take you to more and you will see all the variations of this multifarious little bag.)

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