Thursday, February 7, 2008


Building community is one of my goals this year. I guess when you move into a house and know you are staying that comes naturally. I just have never had the experience of knowing that where I live right now I will also live in five years, and maybe ten or fifty. So I was delighted to be invited to a neighbor’s house this past Sunday for bread making, tea drinking and soup eating. Thank you Dag and Joyce! I hope to put up some pictures of the fantastic bread Dag made for us sometime soon. He is such a good baker I think we will buy all of our bread directly from him in the future.

Seńor is playing out on Friday at the Ottobar. You should all come! Smoke-free fun. Yeah! We are lucky enough that his mother will be coming and so will my parents. I cleaned the sewing room last night and installed some closet shelving things so Pat can find her way to the bed. I will have pictures, I love looking at all the fabric folded and neat and categorized however my strange mind thinks it should be.

We received the fabric swatch for the chairs and I am hoping we can get a good grip on them this weekend. I would like to get all the wood part done this weekend so that they can be really dry and ready when the rest of the fabric gets here. That may be asking a lot… But I am really excited; I think they will look really good! And then just think- we will be able to invite people over any time because there will be something for them to SIT on! That’s what I am talking about.

The last thing I am working on is my little inspiration wall in the sewing room. I will be really happy when it is warmer out and I can paint a wall or two in there, but in the mean time I am hanging beautiful things on the wall. I am taking my time to choose things, I want them to be perfect.

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I want to meet your bread baking neighbor.