Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Seńor’s show was great- thanks to all you guys for coming out! I know he really appreciated it!

His mom and my folks stayed the night and we went out for breakfast on Saturday at Miss Shirley’s (yummy, fried green tomatoes!!!) When we got home my dad came up to the sewing room and we sat down to make a few little pockets for his camera strap. He wanted one to hold memory cards and one for an extra battery. I used some linen scrapes left over from my weekend purse from last week because it matched the gray strap pretty well. Because it was so tiny already I wanted to leave the raw edges out and cut it all out of one piece. I used frey-check and the selvedge. And very tiny pieces of Velcro. I think they turned out great; we will have to see how they hold up. It was cool to make something with no pattern, on the spot, to someone else’s specifications that will be so useful!

After everyone left we went by the CompUSA that s going out of business and Seńor got me a laptop for less than we might have paid originally. It is great to be able to sit upstairs in the sunlight and work on school work sitting on the couch- or where ever! I finished my assignment on Sunday. Yay!

On the way home from CompUSA we went by the paint store and picked up some primer and black enamel for the chairs. I had hoped to use a low VOC paint but the place we went to either didn’t have anything that would work well on the chairs or the guy didn’t know what he was talking about. I am choosing to believe the first option, but who knows? Anyway, we are down to just needing one more coat of paint and then we will have beautiful new chairs!!! (oh yeah, and then there is the cushions- but whatever!)

Also on Saturday night there was a little Cake and Champagne party at Cindy and Matt’s… yummy, but my head is still killing me…. I don’t know if it was the Cranium or the sparkling stuff but wow….

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Til Death Do Us Fart said...

It was my awesome cake. You are just going through chocolate withdrawal, that's all.