Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lucas over at Baltimore Health Coach asked me to write an article for him a few weeks ago.  Go here if you want to see my thoughts on beginning a mindfulness practice.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first post in my December photo project.  See you then!

Monday, November 21, 2011

And, done!


Ok- here they are.  Surprisingly, they came out just as I had imagined (when does that ever happen?)


I am excited to see the boys use them.


This blog has been really quiet this year.  I expected to have more time for it after e started school but somehow I've managed to over commit myself outside of the home.  I've also taken so, so few pictures this year.  I'm still not really comfortable with the "new" camera even though I have had it for a long time.


In an effort to work on both of these issues I am going to do a December photo project a la habit blog.  Every weekday a picture and a few words.  It is my birthday present to myself.  A way to be more present in the small moments.  (hopefully, it will be nice for you too ;)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

I rarely have pattern ideas drifting around in my head anymore.  Mostly because I think there isn't room for them with all the rest of life rushing by me.  The other day, however, I was trying to decide what to make for the Bug and his two cousins for holiday gifts.  Because we all get together for Thanksgiving, I always need to get a jump on these things.  And this year especially because I am working so much outside of the house. 
The Bug has a new, wonderful, fascination with stickers and markers.  Senor and I now can sit through dinner and chat or enjoy the food (imagine!) if we have a sheet of stickers handy.  Markers are more interactive, often requiring one of us to be directly involved.  But still, generally a quiet, low banging activity that can last ten or more minutes.
On our upcoming Thanksgiving trip we will be spending more than 24 hours in the car total.  Twenty six I think.  Le sigh.  We love all you people and can't wait to see you.  But that is a lot of hours in the car with a 2 year old.
I came up with something which I think will help both issues.  The idea isn't original, but I did go ahead and buy my own supplies and draft the pattern myself.  Amazingly, it worked perfectly.  I made three without much more effort than one would have taken.  Two days of concerted effort.  Three amazing, useful gifts for little boys.
There are a couple finishing touches and then I will share final pictures.  Here is a sneak peek.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I wanna:


: make a perfect jumper and turn it into my 'uniform' for the season.
: make a bunch of long sleeved shirts to go under it.
: make some pants for e.  Easy up and down ones without all the hassle of snaps and zippers.  (What's up with that- he is two for goodness sakes!)
: add a few more hours of useful time to each day.  That means, hours when it is still light out.
: remember to be grateful everyday.
: see my friends more often.  Hello friends!  Are you out there??
: take good pictures again.  remember when I used to do that?
: have a child who is healthy for three to five days straight.  Not even a runny nose.
: Stop this list before it gets out of hand.

What do you want?