Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I wanna:


: make a perfect jumper and turn it into my 'uniform' for the season.
: make a bunch of long sleeved shirts to go under it.
: make some pants for e.  Easy up and down ones without all the hassle of snaps and zippers.  (What's up with that- he is two for goodness sakes!)
: add a few more hours of useful time to each day.  That means, hours when it is still light out.
: remember to be grateful everyday.
: see my friends more often.  Hello friends!  Are you out there??
: take good pictures again.  remember when I used to do that?
: have a child who is healthy for three to five days straight.  Not even a runny nose.
: Stop this list before it gets out of hand.

What do you want?


AlisaRock said...

I want a winter without snow days.
Holidays without tantrums.
To have my kids sleep through the night, every night.
To not be dry and itchy during the winter months.
Good lip balm.

We're here!

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barefoot mama said...

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