Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In 2010

curtains and laundry bags 003

Happy New Year!

I've never been one for resolutions but there are a few things I know about the coming year and I am sure about them so I don't have to worry about keeping up with them. They will be happening- my participation is not optional.

1) I will be enjoying the first floor more because of the curtains I found at Ikea and my father was kind enough to hang for me.

2) I will be doing more laundry. The Bug's diapers have been washed by a service up to this point (thanks MomMom!) but we are transitioning to our own diapers and the service will be me. I have been working through the process of this in my mind to figure out the logistics. Diapers moving up and down the stairs, clean, dirty, often with only one hand to carry. I use the big Ikea bags to carry most of our laundry but who wants the chance that clean clothes will go into a bag dirty diapers just came out of? And I can't see using trash liners. Cloth diapering is supposed to cause less waste, right? Enter the laundry bags I whipped up last night. Made from pillow cases with a small extra panel and a draw string at the top. It was my first try at french seems. I knew these would be washed several times a week and wanted to make sure they would hold up to the agitating. So it was fun- no pattern and throw in a pleat and some curves just to keep learning interesting. Ask me in a month if they are holding up. :)

3) I will be sewing a lot more this year. Orders are exciting and very shortly I will be all caught up. I've made place mats, hot pads and mitts, scarves and hats, cowls and some Out All Day bags. I have a pending order for some bath mats that inspired one for our bathroom because it was too sweet not to have one too. I should have that soon to show you.

4) I will teaching crochet classes!!! I really wanted to get a picture of the sweater up with this post and it may yet happen but Mr E is not sleeping at this moment so it isn't happening now. Sign up for my classes and tell your crafty friends!

5) We will be watching the Bug as he moves into mobility and communication and independence. Wow. I can't believe he is already eight months. He is such a pleasure. I would have never guessed how much fun he is and how amazing it is to watch a little person emerge from a squishy sweet baby. Each stage is different and magical and I am loving every moment. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with him and experience it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

At Eight Months

First Christmas

: Love the egg rattle.
: Are growing in fair hair.
: Are rolling everywhere.
: Have started EC and are going on the potty.
: Are really talking in a different way than before, lots of "mamamamam", "nanana" and "dadada"
: Have had an ear infection and now have ringworm.
: Are loving your Christmas visitors and presents.
: Move your hands all the time.
: Try to crawl but aren't there yet.
: Grab all the animals.
: Are growing by the second.
: Have just started saying"pah, pah, pah"
: Pant like you are practicing to hyperventilate.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sol Invictus ~ The Unconqured Sun

light and shadow

On the Winter Solstice the night is long and the day is short in the Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, when humans were more connected to the earth, in almost every culture this day was marked by some celebration. The Romans worshiped a sun god called Sol and on this special day they celebrated his re-emergence from the dark. I can imagine a time before the sophistication of the Romans when the long night was a time to gather and share stories and warmth and keep away the pernicious thought of the sun staying dark forever. This is a night of great hope, of faith in the return of the sun.
So this year, when we are finally home, near our garden (which worships the sun in its own way) and our friends we plan to gather together, share company and stories and burn a light through the night to help welcome the sun back from its long journey in morning.
Won't you celebrate with us?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrapping Green

Okay- what I am about to show you may not be brilliant or anything but I do think it is cute, and hope it will be helpful.
Ever since I saw Amy over at Angry Chicken make these simple envelopes with magazine pages I have been a little obsessed with using catalog and magazines pages. Luckily, this is the time of year where you wrap lots of things in paper!

catalog wrapping paper

So first we just used the envelope idea to wrap our homemade, everyone gets it gift. We do this every year- pick a nice gift that everyone can use or enjoy and personalize it. Last year we made calendars (which were a huge hit, maybe we will do that again next year.) One year we made cook books, one year Christmas cards- anyway, you get the idea. The draw back to giving out a gift that is the same is it is the same. Does that make sense? I mean, trust me, I have thought of every person who we are giving this gift to and though they are different I can imagine them all using this gift, but still the sameness is a little boring if you have a few people opening them in the same room. So... the envelopes. Rather than use something mass produced for the purpose why not use pretty paper that you were going to recycle anyway. Come on, somebody paid lot's of money for that photo shoot- why not use their hard work and get free wrapping paper?!


The other thing is that I hoard used gift wrap. I have a whole drawer full of bags and tissue paper which is crinkled and loved. Many of the bags have been used multiple times. I love pretty tissue paper but it isn't quite enough to wrap most presents because you can see through it unless you have a lot. Enter magazine pages! I wrapped these two books that came in the mail for Senor and I today. (I had to call my mom and get the inside mom scoop- do you wrap your own presents when the come in the mail unwrapped = yes. Otherwise you get all your presents early and everyone else has to wait.) So three less pages for the recycle (for a few more days anyway) and more important- no NEW paper going into the trash. Cause you can bet I will be keeping all the tissue paper again this year.

catalog wrapping paper

ps- Thanks Jack and Debbie! I am sure your gifts will be a hit. Also, they make wonderful things on which to demonstrate. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things I have been meaning to share:

I have a few projects I wanted to show here at various times in the last few weeks (months) but haven't gotten to it for what ever reason. One was a gift and I didn't want it to go up until the person got it (though I am almost positive she never looks at the blog) and the others we can chalk up to laziness. Great craft blog, eh?

mobius color change cowl

First up- A little cowl I made a couple months ago and have been wearing ever since. I still haven't officially finished it as the ends are not woven in. Which is terrible but true. The Bug loves to grab it and shove as much of it into his mouth as possible while making what I will call his "attack" sound. Very cute. He also pulls on it if I happen to be wearing it while he is eating and that works out nicely as the cowl is stretchy and doesn't yank on my neck like when he plays with my (his) necklace.

out all day bag

Number two- (Have I already shown you this?) I call this my "out all day bag." If I leave and want to keep my things separate from the giant diaper bag I use this. The brown fabric is from Haiti and the yellow is drapery from my friend Missy. The inside is recycled pillow case.

Abuelita's quilt

Number three- The gift I was talking about. A little lap quilt I really enjoyed making and thinking about it getting used. I wish I had better pictures of it but of course it got finished late one night and I was lucky Senor took these of the finishing steps. I'd like to make a whole line of these. Log cabin blocks are addictive and look so different every time and in each configuration.

So there you go. Stuff I actually made, not just piles of laundry :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Where, oh where?

folding laundry

The time passes so fast. We have been under piles of laundry, piles of sewing, piles of crochet and piles of ideas. All of them lovely in their own way. (I am about to start laundry today just so I can fold warm clothes!)
I also have the deadline for Holiday Traditions Exchange (which has a button in the sidebar if you are interested in what that is) looming. I have soooo many ideas and am trying to pull it together so I can finish at the end of the week like I should because I ended up with a really special partner who deserves something awesome. Go see her blog here.
This past weekend was so fun. We put together our tree (the first one we have ever done together because Senor was seriously burnt out on them when we met) on Friday night after the Bug went to sleep so he got to come down on Saturday morning to see it in all it's glory. Of course Emerson loves the tree. It has lights! I have to turn on lights starting around 3pm or so because it is getting dark so early and having these makes that a cheerful prospect instead of making me sad.

first xmas tree

After seeing the tree lit up we handed the Bug off to his uncle for the morning and went out for a meeting and when we emerged- SNOW! Big, giant, amazing flakes falling and sticking only to the grass (which is how it should be when it snows on weekends.) We arrived home to find the boys staring out the window talking about snow. So sweet. And then we had a party across the street to celebrate Jeremy's and my birthday! (Grammar persons- how is that sentence supposed to work?)
We had a great time, made a super yummy cake and ate lot's of cheese. What could be better for our first snow day? A sing along!

first snow sing along

Sunday was a day of rest. Senor and his Bug slept for like four hours. It was crazy! And it gave me the chance to finish up and gather together an order and start some other things.
I have time for a couple more orders before the holiday so if you need a present (for yourself or someone else :) made of fabric or yarn let me know and I can see if I can help you out. Use the littleanilia at G mail account to email me. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gratitude Friday

(or, oh my! is it Friday again??)

Thanksgiving band

This week I am thankful for:
The members of the band.
The delight in orders delivered and orders placed.
The mountains of laundry that keep circulating the house.
The generosity of friends.
The celebrations of birthdays.
Finding things long misplaced.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009