Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In 2010

curtains and laundry bags 003

Happy New Year!

I've never been one for resolutions but there are a few things I know about the coming year and I am sure about them so I don't have to worry about keeping up with them. They will be happening- my participation is not optional.

1) I will be enjoying the first floor more because of the curtains I found at Ikea and my father was kind enough to hang for me.

2) I will be doing more laundry. The Bug's diapers have been washed by a service up to this point (thanks MomMom!) but we are transitioning to our own diapers and the service will be me. I have been working through the process of this in my mind to figure out the logistics. Diapers moving up and down the stairs, clean, dirty, often with only one hand to carry. I use the big Ikea bags to carry most of our laundry but who wants the chance that clean clothes will go into a bag dirty diapers just came out of? And I can't see using trash liners. Cloth diapering is supposed to cause less waste, right? Enter the laundry bags I whipped up last night. Made from pillow cases with a small extra panel and a draw string at the top. It was my first try at french seems. I knew these would be washed several times a week and wanted to make sure they would hold up to the agitating. So it was fun- no pattern and throw in a pleat and some curves just to keep learning interesting. Ask me in a month if they are holding up. :)

3) I will be sewing a lot more this year. Orders are exciting and very shortly I will be all caught up. I've made place mats, hot pads and mitts, scarves and hats, cowls and some Out All Day bags. I have a pending order for some bath mats that inspired one for our bathroom because it was too sweet not to have one too. I should have that soon to show you.

4) I will teaching crochet classes!!! I really wanted to get a picture of the sweater up with this post and it may yet happen but Mr E is not sleeping at this moment so it isn't happening now. Sign up for my classes and tell your crafty friends!

5) We will be watching the Bug as he moves into mobility and communication and independence. Wow. I can't believe he is already eight months. He is such a pleasure. I would have never guessed how much fun he is and how amazing it is to watch a little person emerge from a squishy sweet baby. Each stage is different and magical and I am loving every moment. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with him and experience it.

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Cindy said...

Darling! I need cloth napkins! Sixteen, to be exact. I will bring a piece of my china with me on Wednesday so we can discuss!