Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things I have been meaning to share:

I have a few projects I wanted to show here at various times in the last few weeks (months) but haven't gotten to it for what ever reason. One was a gift and I didn't want it to go up until the person got it (though I am almost positive she never looks at the blog) and the others we can chalk up to laziness. Great craft blog, eh?

mobius color change cowl

First up- A little cowl I made a couple months ago and have been wearing ever since. I still haven't officially finished it as the ends are not woven in. Which is terrible but true. The Bug loves to grab it and shove as much of it into his mouth as possible while making what I will call his "attack" sound. Very cute. He also pulls on it if I happen to be wearing it while he is eating and that works out nicely as the cowl is stretchy and doesn't yank on my neck like when he plays with my (his) necklace.

out all day bag

Number two- (Have I already shown you this?) I call this my "out all day bag." If I leave and want to keep my things separate from the giant diaper bag I use this. The brown fabric is from Haiti and the yellow is drapery from my friend Missy. The inside is recycled pillow case.

Abuelita's quilt

Number three- The gift I was talking about. A little lap quilt I really enjoyed making and thinking about it getting used. I wish I had better pictures of it but of course it got finished late one night and I was lucky Senor took these of the finishing steps. I'd like to make a whole line of these. Log cabin blocks are addictive and look so different every time and in each configuration.

So there you go. Stuff I actually made, not just piles of laundry :)

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Mr. Dag said...

Anilia, this looks fantastic. Oh, I need to knit faster! It's been in the single digits here. Thanks for the motivation.