Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrapping Green

Okay- what I am about to show you may not be brilliant or anything but I do think it is cute, and hope it will be helpful.
Ever since I saw Amy over at Angry Chicken make these simple envelopes with magazine pages I have been a little obsessed with using catalog and magazines pages. Luckily, this is the time of year where you wrap lots of things in paper!

catalog wrapping paper

So first we just used the envelope idea to wrap our homemade, everyone gets it gift. We do this every year- pick a nice gift that everyone can use or enjoy and personalize it. Last year we made calendars (which were a huge hit, maybe we will do that again next year.) One year we made cook books, one year Christmas cards- anyway, you get the idea. The draw back to giving out a gift that is the same is it is the same. Does that make sense? I mean, trust me, I have thought of every person who we are giving this gift to and though they are different I can imagine them all using this gift, but still the sameness is a little boring if you have a few people opening them in the same room. So... the envelopes. Rather than use something mass produced for the purpose why not use pretty paper that you were going to recycle anyway. Come on, somebody paid lot's of money for that photo shoot- why not use their hard work and get free wrapping paper?!


The other thing is that I hoard used gift wrap. I have a whole drawer full of bags and tissue paper which is crinkled and loved. Many of the bags have been used multiple times. I love pretty tissue paper but it isn't quite enough to wrap most presents because you can see through it unless you have a lot. Enter magazine pages! I wrapped these two books that came in the mail for Senor and I today. (I had to call my mom and get the inside mom scoop- do you wrap your own presents when the come in the mail unwrapped = yes. Otherwise you get all your presents early and everyone else has to wait.) So three less pages for the recycle (for a few more days anyway) and more important- no NEW paper going into the trash. Cause you can bet I will be keeping all the tissue paper again this year.

catalog wrapping paper

ps- Thanks Jack and Debbie! I am sure your gifts will be a hit. Also, they make wonderful things on which to demonstrate. :)


Mom A said...

So sorry you inherited the paper hording gene. You were flows both on my side and your dad's. Love the wrapping!

Trinity Mommy said...

Such a great idea, I am definitely doing this next year! I need to create a notebook for all my "next year" ideas :)