Monday, November 24, 2008


yarn basket

I am a full basket. Or I have a full basket. Or something.
My good friend Dawn once told me about this basket theory in counseling. Everyone has a basket that they carry around and they choose what to put in it. Maybe you put your husbands love in there or maybe you put that lady who cut you off this morning in it. Maybe you are still carrying around fifth grade teasing or maybe the way the sunlight comes into your bedroom in the afternoon. The point it is, you choose what goes in the basket.
Today in my basket are special coconut macaroons made for me because someone knew I liked them, excitement about seeing my family and friends at Thanksgiving and a few unfinished projects which aren't stressing me but are motivating me for the first time in quite a few months.
Also in my basket is a tiny growing baby which is, I understand from reading, about the size of a baked potato. It is funny how something so seemingly full of anticipation is making me calmer and more focused on the present.
I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving this year. I know I will.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


first doll

This is someone I'd like to introduce you all to. I believe her name will be Gertrude but we will have to wait to see the face Seńor paints on her. I starting making her last week just because I wanted to make her a sweater dress. Because I want sweater dresses... I know, weird, but true!
We've had an eventful weekend. This has been the first full weekend off for me in a long time and boy is it great! We ran lots of errands and even got to go to the Holiday Heap craft show at St Johns where I found a fantastic bag. I will have to take pictures later... Last night we went to the New Haven and saw Lafayette Gilchrist and the New Volcanoes. Jeremy came along as well and it was a great show.
I got two more pairs of pregnant pants since I realized that having only one pair is only a good plan until you have to wash them... And then you are stuck. The belly has been pulling an interesting trick. In the morning it is pretty flat and fits nicely in normal clothes but then by lunch time it starts poking out and getting a little uncomfortable and by five it is unbearable to have regular clothes on. And it is colder now so skirts that I would be able to wear I don't want to cause I am cold... I've never been partial to pants but I love the pregnant ones. It is all very weird.
We also went to the midwife this week and heard the heartbeat. It took us a few days of saying whoosh, whoosh, whoosh to each other to get used to how cool that sound is.
Also to yoga today again. Yay! And I think I am going to pick up a yin class on Thursdays too.

PS- I also started an Amazon baby registry. It only has a few things on it because we don't need much. I imagine it will grow after Thanksgiving when I get the scoop from Erica but not by much I don't think. The three most important things on it are also the most expensive (of course) and I wouldn't think anyone I know would be comfortable spending that much on us (heck, I'm not comfortable spending that much on us.) We would certainly appreciate gift cards to use toward those bigger purchases.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

And back again~

So, years ago, Seńor and I used to go to yoga every week. We did this for a long while, pretty consistently as I remember. The we went on tour, driving around in an RV for months followed by living in hotels for months and then we came back to Baltimore. Since returning we often say, "We should go back to yoga." or "I felt so much better when we were doing yoga." But weeks and months and life slides by and we hadn't gone.
When I got pregnant I knew I had to go back to the studio. I knew that as I got bigger and my balance got wonky it would be important. And I figure labor must be easier if you are in shape... Of course, then I was so sick for the first bit.
Tonight, however, all the excuses were used up. I have been looking forward to going all week. Seńor went to the regular hot vinyasa and I went to pre-natal. I did fairly well but realized my legs are really weak. I am used to weak shoulders and arms but I have always had strong legs. I am glad I started going now. Many of the other women had these huge bellies, I can't imagine if I started the class once I was so big. I would just sit there panting.
Seńor seems to have gotten his butt thoroughly kicked in the regular class. I know I would have absolutely died if I had tried that...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008


There are amazing things that happen everyday in our world. There are also terrible things that happen and we just ignore them and let it all slide by. I am the first to admit that I have rose tinted glasses. I avoid the news and almost always turn away from the horrors of the world. I think I do it because the news gives no hope. There is almost never a chance to help or change these things, just to hear more and more and more. So I shut it out.
There are two things that I want to say about this today. First, go VOTE tomorrow. I don't care who you support. Go VOTE.
Second, and oh so close to my heart, is this project that Amanda Soule has taken on. This is the way I need to hear about the horrors of the world. Here is this thing going on, and here is what you can do to help. If you are crafty or mama oriented you probably already know about Soule Mama. She inspires me everyday to think and create and also to experience the world around me. I know she is an inspiration to so many others as well. She is part of the blogging world that got me crafting in the first place. She is part of the reason I felt so sure I could have a child and raise it right. Examples like these are so powerful in a world full of ugliness.
I've gotten off topic though. What I wanted to show you was the Haitian project that she is helping with. In case you can help too. It is an easy project that will mean so much to people who are so poor. In a place with so few resources. Haiti is where I was born and now I am going to birth a child myself. I am lucky enough that I don't have to worry about being unattended or having malaria or giving birth on the floor while some one looks for a key to a hospital room (all true from my birth.) The least I can do is make a few hats out of things I already have.
I challenge you use some skill you have to help someone in need as well.